Los Angeles to Miami via Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, the Panama Canal, Cartagena, & Costa Maya!

Leaving Los Angeles

John loves to read the aircraft emergency instructions before every flight.

The ride from the hotel in Long Beach to the San Pedro Cruise Terminal in Los Angeles.

Meeting Minnie while waiting to board the 'Disney Wonder'!

Now we're aboard - and we're hungry!

Characters are already prowling the deck.

The 'Disney Wonder' is refueled while at the pier in Los Angeles.

Vincent Thomas Bridge, linking San Pedro (Los Angeles) on the left and Long Beach on the right.

Interior atrium of the 'Disney Wonder'.

'Mickey's Pool' on Deck 9.

Looking forward from Deck 10, above 'Mickey's Pool'.

'Goofy's Pool' on Deck 9.

Our first stowaway.

'Quiet Cove' pool on Deck 9. 'Quiet Cove' is for those 18 and older.

At dock at Pier 93 in San Pedro/Los Angeles Cruise Terminal. The pool and deck on the bow are for the crew.

Vincent Thomas Bridge.

Ship's "Builder's Plate".

Engines come to life!

Time for a cast-off Bon Voyage party!

Shore-side 'Cast Members' give us the four-finger wave good-bye!

The 'Goodyear Blimp' came out to send us off!

Law enforcement kept us safe in the harbor.

The USS Iowa is berthed in San Pedro! We'd hear more about this exact class of ship later in our voyage.

Looking back towards the cruise terminal.

The party goes on...

USCGC Morgenthau (left) and USCGC Jarvis (right), docked in Los Angeles.

Sailing out of San Pedro/Los Angeles!

The Los Angeles Pilot departs our ship as we leave the harbor.

Our first night's towel creature!

Next stop:  Cabo San Lucas!