The String Cheese Incident

Horning's Hideout

August 1-4, 2013 String Cheese Incident at Horning's Hideout!

July 19-23, 2012 String Cheese Incident at Horning's Hideout!

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July 29 - August 2, 2010 String Cheese Incident at Horning's Hideout!

2007 String Cheese Incident at Horning's Hide-out

We're back from Summer Camp with the String Cheese Incident, ALO and others at Horning's Hide-out, in the woods about 45 minutes west of Portland, Oregon.  Here is a photo journal of our experience!

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Our tickets to Summer Camp at Horning's Hide-Out!

John explores the perimiter of camp.

All set up - now it's time to explore Horning's!

John says they sound like kitty cats. MEOW! MEOW! MEOW!

They have really big peacocks, too.

The operator almost fell over in the proces of extending the tail feathers.

Checkin' out the amphitheater floor duing the first intermission.

Zilla provides the music for Thursday night's festivities

John lets his freak flag fly!

I think he likes this stuff!

Friday morning back at camp.

"I'm here to see String Cheese".

Jammin' to the music coming from daddy's truck.

The lake at Horning's. You could swim or take out paddle boats. We did both!

The rope swing at the swimming area.

Part of the on-site circus troop performs during a workshop.

John is transfixed by the performance.

Walking along the path back to our camp.

John enjoys a nap under the shade on a hot summer day.

The sea of camps and cars.

Ready set go for Friday night's shows!

Stroller and baby jogger parking. John wasn't the only young kid in attendance!

Sun streams down through the trees next to the amphitheater.

One guy brought his bird to every show and danced with it!

Here's another silly dancing bird.

Mommy finds the beer garden!

SCI gets started on Friday night.

String Cheese Incident takes the stage.

Pretending he's learning how to use binoculars.

Lit by the glow stick.

Walkin' around in the mist on a damp Saturday morning.

Middle-Upper Slantytown.

Looking east through Slantytown camp.

Parking and camping near Evolution Camp.

Deadheads at SCI at Horning's?!?

Evolution Camp.

One of the many art installations spread around the grounds.

Mommy gets ready for Saturday morning's yoga session.

Yet another peacock spotted at Horning's!

John enjoy's his second breakfast.

Hooping it up with the girls next door.

The RV camping area.

Camps in the "Back 40".

Worn out from all the excitement.

On our way to Saturday night's festivities in the amphitheater.

The Big Water Truck wets down the venue floor.

I can't believe Paul Konerko associates with Clifford the Big Red Dog!

Making new friends is all part of the experience!

The commencement of the fire jam.

SCI's drummer Michael Travis controls a flame thrower with his drums.

On the far right, percussionist Jason Hann controls another flame thrower.

Then they blew the place up with fireworks...

And then the glowing balloons and kites came out...

Playin' at the playground on Sunday morning.

Swingin' with daddy.

Building a tower with mommy...

It gets taller...

And taller...

Gotta run over here to get every last block...

"I got more, mommy!"

Oops - dropped one!

Gotta go back and get it...

Got it!

"Put it right there, momma!"

"Now let's knock it over!"

Here it comes!

Look out!


Playin' on the remnants.

Tire swingin' with daddy.

Attacked by bubbles!

Comin' back from the showers...

"We're all clean!"

Gotta put my towel away...

Another art installation on the grounds.

More hoopin'.

More music!

Ready set go for Sunday night's show!

ALO opens Sunday night.

String Cheese Incident performs Sunday night.

The local constabulary keeps an eye on the festivities.

Our next door neighbors from camp - Alison and Bob - oh - and baby Angela, too.

Four concerts in a row plus all the other excitement of the weekend wears a boy out!

John dances with daddy for the last

Saying "good bye" to The String Cheese Incident.

A waning moon lights the path back to camp.

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