Northwest String Summit at Horning's Hideout!

We love the Northwest String Summit music festival at Horning's Hide-out, a private campground in the woods about 45 minutes west of Portland, Oregon.  Here are photo journals of our experiences!

12th Annual Northwest String Summit

11th Annual Northwest String Summit at Horning's Hide-Out

10th Annual Northwest String Summit at Horning's Hide-Out

2010 Northwest String Summit at Horning's Hide-out

2009 Northwest String Summit at Horning's Hide-out

2008 Northwest String Summit at Horning's Hide-out

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Someone is excited to be at Horning's Hideout again - this time for the 2008 Northwest String Summit!

Bouncing around camp after a long day of traveling and setting up.

Our home for the next four nights.

The lake at Horning's Hideout.

Dad and John re-explore Horning's.

Mom and John at the top of the amphitheater. Yonder Mountain String Band had just completed their sound check.

Vendor's Row.

Oscar says the trash goes here!

Symbol of the festival.

Symbol of Horning's.

Q: Why did the peacock cross the road?

A: To hear bluegrass music!

Escaping the mayhem of arrival day at NWSS.

All that empty space won't be there for long!

The living room...

Our front yard and bathroom (down the hill, by the road).

New neighbors have moved in - I wonder if they have kids John's age...

John and mom relax under a picnic shelter by the lake.

Playin' on the swingset.

Ready to go paddleboating!

Paddling around Horning's Lake.

The back of the stage as seen from the lake.

New friends and neighbors Ryan and Porter paddle around the lake.

Mom, Dad and John enjoy Horning's Hideout.

Gina and Ryan paddle Porter and Lawson around the lake.

The scene of our nautical adventures.

"We paddled a boat right over there!"

Mom and dad set up the kiddie Habitrail set.

Next-door-neighbor Arum plays in the maze of tents and tunnels.

John and next-door-neighbor Miles play in the tent and tunnel set.

Miles and John became inseparable as the weekend went on.

Arum is Miles' cousin.

Mom watches over the mayhem.

Someone is having fun playing with all his new String Summit friends.

John demonstrates his croccodile technique.

Neighbor Tania plays in John's tent.

Porter and John get ready to go on a hike with Porter's mom, Gina.

Gina leads them up the steep hill.

Glad we're not camping up here - the trail is steep!

Looking down on our little area of the campground from the ascending trail.

Mom is busy doing camp chores.

John, Porter and Gina explore the camps at the top of the hill.

John likes the octopus umbrella! It lights up blue at night.

Again looking down on our little corner of Horning's.

Running back to camp after the little hike.

John dives into the crafts available at the Kid's Area in the amphitheater.

John dives into a big slice of pizza!

Strings For Industry plays their Friday night set.

Psychedelic clothing meets bluegrass music.

The hoopers are out in force this weekend.

All performances are simulcast on a radio station that can only be heard at the campground.

Kid-friendly activities are everywhere!

We join Beerman as he begins his descent into the ampthitheater.

He's rounding the outside turn, heading down the stretch.

Beerman is very friendly.

Strings for Industry wraps up their set.

John, Miles, and Miles' mom hang out during the music.

The boys had fun dancing with each other all weekend long.

John seems to be leaning at a precarious angle...

Down they go!

String Summit buddies.

John checks out the floor during an intermission.

Tapers, soundboards, and festival attendees abound.

Keller Williams jams on the stage.

Dave Johnston of Yonder Mountain String Band joins Keller for some jams.

Camping in the "Back 40" at Horning's.

Row of VW camper buses.


More of the "Back 40"

Arum, Miles and John mug for the camera while swinging in a hammock.

The white peacock perched on the bridge.

The red-shirted kid perched on the side of the lake.

Craft time!

Today I'm makin' a mask to wear in the kid's parade.

Head for the Hills plays for the crowd on a hot July afternoon.

The heat began to wear everyone down.

Dad and John hang out while listening to fun live music.

John gets his second wind and resumes dancing to the music.

Miles and John dance while Arum watches on.

John shares his grapes with Arum.

Miles' sister Zoe, John and Miles chase soap bubbles around the amphitheater.

Bryn Davies and Sharon Gilchrist play for the crowd.

Miles threw his glo-stick hoop in a tree, so Miles' dad Jim throws his shoes into the tree in an attempt to knock it down.

Trying again...

Third time's the charm!


Greensky Bluegrass plays their set at NWSS.

A dragon enters the ampthitheater!

Arum bounces around to the music.

John is ready to play the tambourine he made in the Kid's Parade.

The view from the parade staging area.

Parade time!

The parade re-enters the amphitheater.

After the parade, the kids are mesmerized by the bubble-eating croccodile.

John and Miles try doubles-hooping.

Great American Taxi enjoys their set.

Mom helps John with his mask.

Mask? Check! Peacock feathers? Check! Ready to dance? Check!

Drew Emmitt and Bill Nershi take the stage.

This looks like the makings of a serious jam!

Bill Nershi and Keith Moseley re-create a little Horning's String Cheese Incident magic for the crowd!

This guy is way too clean for Saturday night at NWSS at Horning's!

John and Miles thrown glo-sticks around as it starts to get darker.

Yonder Mountain String Band plays with Bill Frisell and Danny Barnes.

A momma peahen shepherds her chicks around Horning's Hideout.

Camp is all packed up, but there is still another night of music to enjoy!

John enjoys a snack before heading to the amphitheater for another evening of music.

John and Mom pose for the requisite photo.

Bill Frisell and Danny Barnes play a set on Sunday afternoon.

John and Miles pile on Jim, who obviously is loving the attention.

John makes a mask as his contribution to a communal totem pole made by the kids attending the String Summit.

Looking toward the stage from the kid's craft area.

Zoe shows off her painted face.

John shows off his totem mask.

By Sunday evening the shoes are pretty dirty.

The hoopers keep on hooping.

The Big Water Truck wets down the floor.

John and Mom come back from the vending area.

A boy enjoys some strawberry ice cream and his mom cools off with a smoothie on a hot summer day

Kathleen and John dance Sunday afternoon away.

Yonder Mountain and friends jam away on Sunday afternoon.

The "super-jam" fills the stage with pickin' musicians.

Miles, John and Zoe pose for one last picture before everyone has to go home.

All worn out - time to go home after a fabulous 2008 Northwest String Summit.

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