The Gorge Amphitheater

Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge Amphitheater, August 30 - September 1, 2013

Phish at the Gorge Amphitheater, July 26-27, 2013


The Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge Amphitheater, August 31st & September 1-2, 2012

The Dave Matthews Band Caravan at the Gorge Amphitheater, September 1-5, 2011


Phish at the Gorge Amphitheater, August 5-6, 2011


Jack Johnson at the Gorge Amphitheater, October 2, 2010

Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge Amphitheater, September 3-5, 2010

Dave Matthews Band, Yonder Mountain String Band, & G. Love & Special Sauce at the Gorge Amphitheater, September 3-6, 2009

Phish at the Gorge Amphitheater, August 7th & 8th, 2009

The Dead, The Allman Brothers, & The Doobie Brothers at the Gorge Amphitheater, May 16, 2009

John is excited for his first Dead show!

The amphitheater from our campsite.

We were one of the first to arrive on Friday afternoon, and for some reason, they parked us at the far back edge of the campground.

Kathleen, John and Karin relax in the shade at our campsite.

John plays catch with...!

Because we were at the edge of the campground, we had tons of room to play.

John shows off his catch.

Practicing fly balls.

Practicing ground balls.

Checking out the scene from the top of the truck.

Not many here yet - but just wait!

Windmills on the horizon.

Kathleen checks in with civilization.

Fairy and Butterfly discuss business plans.

Powerline tower on top of the hill.

Grandma Karin takes pictures, too!

John introduces himself to our next door neighbors - Adessa and her daddy.

John and Adessa have fun playing in Adessa's boat.

Our camp, seen Friday evening.

The campground fills in. It was nice to be literally above the fray. Our section was filled with many families with young kids - perfect!

Friday night's sunset.

Karin, Kathleen and John watch the human and natural scenery go by.

Helicopter buzzes the campground Saturday morning.

The helicopter flies in front of the wind turbines.

Patches of snow in the hills to the west, across the river.

We guessed this helicopter was re-stocking lakes with fish.

John falls down on the job while pulling Adessa around in her wagon.

A stern glance from Adessa gets John back on track.

Scenes from around the campground.

Walking around the campground on Saturday morning.

More scenes around the campground.

Empty section awaiting arriving campers.

John leads the exploration of the campground.

Vendors get ready for business.

Back at camp, John and Adessa decide to go boating.

The campground is filling in!

Captain John takes Adessa, her mom and dad, and her uncle for a cruise around the campsite.

John asks Adessa if she wants a ticket to the show.

I think she does!

I think she's very appreciative!

The Doobie Brothers start the music.

It's a perfect day at the Gorge!

Somewhere out there is our camp site.

The Allman Brothers continue the party!

Karin, Kathleen, John and Doug enjoy the great music!

Sunset at The Gorge.

John and Kathleen work on the glow sticks.

The Dead starts their first set right after sunset.

Everyone is having fun, waiting for The Dead!

Everyone pitches in making glow stick bracelets.

John enjoys his first Dead show!


Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge Amphitheater 2008

John captures our campsite at Gingko-Wanapum State Park, along the Columbia River a couple of miles south of Vantage.

Kathleen enjoys a cool drink after setting up camp.

Our sprawling complex for the next four nights.

The view from our campsite.

Kathleen and John check out the beach.

John leaves his mark on the beach.

Grant County as seen from Kittitas County.

Wanapum Dam blocks the Columbia River a few miles south of our camp.

Kathleen and John walk back up to camp.

Kathleen takes a breather from unpacking stuff into the tents.

John and Grandma Karin read in the grass.

Camp at sunset on Thursday evening.

Friday at the Gorge is clear and breezy.

Tailgatin' at the amphitheater parking lot before Friday night's show.

John runs around the parking lot.

Van spotted in the parking lot before Friday night's show.

Waitin' for the show to start!

The view from our seats.

John attacks Grandma Karin while waiting for the music to begin.

Hangin' out with dad at the Gorge.

Kathleen finds her identical twin!

DMB takes the stage.

The next morning we wake up to discover new campers at our camp!

Saturday morning as viewed from camp.

There's a new truck - and a new tent - at our site!

Olivia, John and Cole watch Tom fish a glow-stick out of the tree.

Once a fisherman, always a fisherman.

Cole, Olivia and John play around our campsite.


Hangin' out in the shade on a warm and breezy Saturday afternoon.

Kathleen enjoys some relaxation and a frosty beverage.

The trail down to the beach was right next to our camp site.

Whitecaps on the river.

Jen, Tom and Kathleen hunker down in the wind.

John is ready to ride his bike some more!

He and Cole are off to explore more of the campground.

Now it's time for some two and three-year-old down-time.

John and Cole relax and entertain each other at camp.

While John runs off to find something else to play with, Cole clowns for the camera.

Back at the Gorge for Saturday night's show! Here Grandma and John play around while we have a little party in the parking lot before the show.

More running around the parking lot. Not normally a good thing, but here at the Gorge...

Back at camp Sunday morning, I spy a goofbucket!

John and dad have silly shoes.

John tries to fill the Stream Machine from the river.

Katie-dog leaves a wake in her path as she retrieves a tennis ball.

Olivia and Cole charge into the water.

They charged back out when they discovered the water is only 68 degrees!

At John's direction, Tom squirts Katie with the Stream Machine.

Kathleen and John play in the river.

John throws a big rock into the water while Cole and Olivia play in the sand.

John tries throwing the ball for Katie.

Cole plays in the sand.

Olivia, John and Cole play along the beach.

Tom does a lovely dance.

Now we're back at the parking lot at the Gorge, pre-functioning before the Sunday night show.

Grandma Karin dances with John, Olivia and Cole.

The kids play in the back of Tom's truck.

Olivia clowns for the camera.

Jen and Kathleen keep their distance from the silliness.

Time for more running around the parking lot!

Tom decides to become a human jungle gym for the kids.

We figured Tom was carrying about 110 lbs. of children at this point.

When the rains came, Katheen and Doug hid in the back of the truck.

Waiting out the rain squall in our travelling bar.

Once the rain stopped, we went inside and found our spot.

John takes his friends to a Dave show!

The Gorge Amphtitheater on Sunday night.

Goofing off with dad before the show.

Olivia and John start preparing the glow sticks.

Cole goes fly fishing with his glow-stick fishing pole.

Tom is ready to party!

John warily watches Tom and his glow-sticks.

The Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge Amphitheater Sunday night.

Jack Johnson at the Gorge Amphitheater 2008

Mom plays with John at our campsite at the Gorge Amphitheater.

Sea of tents at the Gorge.

I see a three-year-old who is excited to see Jack Johnson play Monkey Music!

Time for a snack!

John checks out the babes next door.

Now it's time for Monkey Music!

Chillin' with dad before the show.

The view of the Gorge from the top of the bowl.

This is what happens when you stay up late going to rock concerts.

The Police and Elvis Costello at the Gorge Amphitheater

We're back at the Gorge Amphitheater to see The Police and Elvis Costello & The Imposters.

Enjoying the shade from our new sun shelter.

The musicians arrive on their tour buses.

Ever since John saw Dave Matthews on his bus last year, the arrival of the buses is a major event.

Hanging out at camp.

Wind turbines on the horizon.

Hanging out with dad before the show.

Goofing off around the tent.

Got my sunscreen on, which is also a great hair gel!

Why do these binoculars make everything look so small?

Once again he skirts detection by the Alcohol Enforcement Team.

Dancing with dad to the music of The Police.

The view of the Gorge from the upper bowl.

Hangin' with dad at the show.

Sunday morning and time to pack up and head home.

Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge Amphitheater 2007

John welcomes you to the Gorge!

I think the engine on my buggy is overheating!

The amphitheater from our campsite.

Windmills along the horizon.

Grandma Karin goofs off in John's play tent.

"I go get Grandma Karin!"

Our home for Labor Day weekend!

Playin' catch with daddy.

The view from our spot.

I'm ready for Friday night's show!

Hangin' with Dad.


Robert Randolph and the Family Band opens up the show.

The Dave Matthews Band.

Playin' at the beach at Ginko-Wanapum State Park on Saturday.

Um - Mom - we're upstream from Hanford, right?

I'm goofy.

Playin' with Momma in the Columbia River.

Surf's up, dude.

Goofin' off in camp.

Our camp has grown by Sunday night!

The crowd fills the bowl for the final show.

Close-up of the stage from our camp.

Now we're inside again!

Mom, John and Grandma Karin waiting for the show to start.

Momma's been out in the sun all weekend!

The boys are goofing off again!

Again Robert Randolph and the Family Band open the show.

I can see our camp from here!

Dave joins Robert Randolph and the Family Band for a number.

The Dave Matthews Band plays Sunday night at the Gorge.

Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge Amphitheater 2006

John, Katheen and Jen get the DMB party started!

Our camp at Gingko-Wanapum State Park.

John tastes - er - explores the campground.

Kathleen, Jen and Karin hang out Friday afternoon.

John leaves his dental records on a stick of string cheese.

John clowns around under the picnic table.

Dave sets up the tent.

Kathleen, Dave, Jen and Karin prepare to enter the VIP entrance at the Gorge.

The Gorge Amphitheater at sunset.

John's head partially blocks the view of the stage from our seats.

The view from Box 120.

Dave relaxes before the show.

Dave Matthews and Stefan Lessard on Friday night at the Gorge.

John and Kathleen take the required Saturday morning nap in the shade.

Dave works on his Christmas list.

John waves at a passing boat.

Momma's all worn out.

John takes a break from exploring.

John decides sitting on the gravel is more comfortable than sitting on the curb.

Grandma directs traffic.

John, Kathleen and Jen hang out at the beach on Saturday afternoon.

The day use beach at Gingko-Wanapum State Park.

Mom and John play with the ice cream ball.

Dave and Jen throw around the ice cream ball.

John plays keep away with the ice cream ball with Grandma.

John is ready to party like a rock star for Saturday night's show.

The view of the river from our box at the Gorge.

Stephan, Dave and Rashawn Ross jam together.

Carter Beauford and Boyd Tinsley jam along with the rest of the band.

Dave sings.

Stefan and Dave.

Stefan, Rashawn, Dave and LeRoi Moore on stage on Saturday night.

Boyd fiddles around.

The Dave Matthews Band as seen from Box 120.

Dave and Boyd feed off each other while jammin' away.

Carter and Boyd.

Dave sings some more.

John and Kathleen play in the sand at the beach along the Columbia River.

Yikes - I'm stuck in the quick sand!

The beach is swallowing me up!

The view downriver.

The view upriver.

The coolest place to hang out on a hot summer day.

John and Kathleen party before Sunday night's show.

Partyin' in the parking lot at the Gorge before Sunday's show.

All ready for night 3!

The view from the top of the bowl.

O.A.R. opens the show.

Dave is "giant-sized, on top of it all".

Someone has been eating the powdered donuts...

Dad feeds John more substantial fare.

All worn out on the drive home from a long DMB weekend at the Gorge.

Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge Amphitheater 2005

Hi everyone - I'm at the Gorge to see the Dave Matthews Band!

You can see the amphitheater from our camp site.

The amphitheater as viewed from our camp.

The field is filling up fast!

I decided to learn to crawl today.

My momma loves me!

All ready to go to the first of three shows this weekend!

Mom and I are ready to watch the show.

My momma is proud of me!

Somewhere out there is our tent.

Dave Matthews plays with his daughter just like my daddy does with me.

One of the musicians in the opening act (North Mississippi All-Stars) plays the electric washboard (!?!)

The Dave Matthews Band

Drummer Carter Beauford.

People and trees sillouetted against the waning moon.

Carter and Dave.

Fiddler Boyd Tinsley, Carter & Dave

Bassist Stefan Lessard

Dave scats during Jimi Thing

I'll have the Rainbow Trout for breakfast, please.

A fan plays whiffle golf in the campground.

15,000 happy campers.

We go through a lot of ice. The line-up is to buy the ice.

Vendor's Row, home of the Falafel Mafia.

It's really hot out today, so dad pours cool water over me to keep me comfy.

They tell me I need to drink up for the show.

Night two with Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge.

Got my sleeper, got my earplugs, and I've got my mommy. I'm ready to rock and roll!

Saturday night's show.

The next morning we go down to the Columbia River to swim and cool off.

This is Wanapum Lake on the Columbia River.

Back at camp and it's time to get ready for the Sunday night show. Here I pull myself up to standing for the very first time!

What goes up must go down!

This is Brenda and Jim, our crazy neighbors at the campground. They've been partying all day and they're not even going to tonight's show!

What drinks tequila must fall down.

Those guys crack me up!

Mommy enjoys everyone's antics.

Chris and Dave show up for Sunday night's show.

Grandma Karin waits for the music to start.

Chris and Kathleen play with John.

Night three of DMB at the Gorge!

It's a spectacular venue. Dave Matthews calls this place "Heaven's Amphitheater".

I sure had a fun weekend of music, family and friends!

Tom Petty and The Black Crowes at the Gorge Amphitheater 2005

I'm at the Gorge again, this time to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

I like camping with mom and dad!

The view towards the amphitheater from our camp site.

Playin' with momma under the sun shade.

Guess how many teeth I have!

Tastes like chicken.

Some day I need to remember to tip the staff here.

I spy John Wesley at camp.

I've got my tent - where are you guys going to sleep?

Hangin' out in the shade before the show.

Playin' with mom before the show.

Somewhere out there is my tent.

I'm not sure these fit me very well!

The view from our "seats".

Got my new fleece jacket - now I'm ready to rock!

Actress Kate Hudson (wife of Chris Robinson, lead singer of the Black Crowes) takes a photo of the band.

The Black Crowes warm up the crowd.

Sunset over the Gorge.

I need a nap. Luckily I found a safe place to take one.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers play the Gorge.

Waking up the next morning.

Mom watches me play.

Me and mom enjoy camp before packing up to go back home.

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