T e a m  H o t  W h e e l s


Team Hot Wheels 2010 - John's 1st Practice!

End of the Season Team Party!

Final game of the 2009 T-Ball season!

Fourth game!

Third game!

Photo day!

First game of the 2009 season!

Third Practice for Team Hot Wheels!

2nd practice for Team Hot Wheels!

First practice of the 2009 season for team "Hot Wheels"!

Final "game" and end of the season party/awards ceremony for the Roaring Hippos and the 2008 T-ball season!

The Roaring Hippos hang with the Batmen Princesses before the final game of the season.

Coach Wyatt and Coach Jamie lead both teams through the pre-game workout.

Monkey see, monkey do.

Coach Jamie suggests all the kids go after Austin's dad...

...so they do!

The game against the parents is over. This writer played third base and so couldn't take photos of the game.

Here the Roaring Hippos relax after a hard day on the sandlot with some quality time in the sandbox.

Now it's time for the awards ceremony!

The parent gallery watches the festivities.

John receives his trophy and certificate.

Max receives his trophy and certificate of awesomeness.

John's trophy.

Great job, Jenna's mom!

Jake and Coach Jamie pose at the ceremony.

Now it's Jenna's turn to get her trophy and certificate.

Richard poses for his end of season photo.

Now it's Michael's turn.

Last but not least, Juliana receives her rewards for a season well played.

Great season, Roaring Hippos!

Playing the "Tigers" in the rain...

The umbrellas are out as we're playing in the rain!

Some of the kids hang out under a tree to stay out of the rain.

John and Kendall discuss pre-game strategy.

John and Erin are ready to play!

Michael and his dad prepare to charge the ball.

Jake, John, Michael and Kendall scramble for the ball.

John comes up with the ball and prepares to fire it to first base.

John and Michael do a little dance together.

Michael chases down a grounder.

He's got a handle on it...

He comes up ready to throw to first.

John practices his wind-up from the pitching rubber.

Richard runs the ball to first base.

Kendall prepares to throw while Jake and John play in the mud of the pitcher's mound.

It's time for the Roaring Hippos to bat, so they line up in order on the bench.

Jenna volunteers to hit first.

John prepares to whack the ball off the tee.

Away it goes!

He's running to first after a monsterous hit.

Erin runs to first after her hit.

The moms back up their players.

Coach Jamie cheers John on.

He's old-school, so he uses the wood bat.

Looks like the wood bat works!

He's off to first!

Kendall pops one up in the vicinity of the camera well!

John has a special place in his heart for the equipment manager.

Here come hungry t-ball players looking for post-game snacks!

Three cheers for the Roaring Hippos!

Congratulating the Tigers on a game well-played!

Another epic on-field battle against the Batmen Princesses...

John is ready to play after spending a week in the minors working on his hitting.

Come on guys - let's play!

Hayden runs across the infield.

Max throws it in.

Michael and Hayden play around before the game.

Time for the pre-game cheer.

Now it's time to warm up with a run around the bases.

Dog pile on Coach Wyatt at 3rd base!

Coach Wyatt carries Hayden and Austin to home plate.

He's about to score...

Coach Jamie calls "safe" at home.

Is that one run for the Roaring Hippos, three runs for the Roaring Hippos, or one run for the Roaring Hippos and two runs for the Batmen Princesses? Can a coach score a run? This score-keeper is confused!

Erin keeps the sun out of her eyes.

Erin keeps hydrated.

Jacob keeps cool under his glove.

The Roaring Hippos batting line-up.

Hayden is ready to swing the bat.

A one-in-a-million shot.

Austin - and his flip-flops - at bat.

Short-stop John is ready for the play.

He charges the ball at the crack of the bat.

Zeroing in on the target...

Getting into a good defensive posture...

Crouching down, ready to block the ball...

A great defensive play!

Now he throws it in.

We're so cool, we can play using each other's gloves - on the wrong hands!

Michael is ready to play catcher.

Erin and Michael slide for the catch.

Erin comes up with the ball...

She readies her throw to 1st...

John gets some assistance from his personal equipment manager.

It's the Roaring Hippo's turn at-bat once again...

John takes another turn at the plate...

He gets a big hit...

And runs to 1st...

Now Jake steps into the batter's box.

Poor ball doesn't know what's about to happen...

Now it's Erin's at-bat.

Michael clobbers the ball (and the tee)...

And runs to 1st.

Richard runs to 1st after his hit.

Kendall prepares to take a mighty swing.

I think she got all of that one!

Off with the helmet and a dash to 1st base.

Erin comes home while Kendall runs to 1st.

Coach Wyatt helps Juliana with her at-bat.

She's ready to pummel the ball!

After her hit it's off to 1st base!

John throws the ball to 1st.

"I think if we hit towards the weak side of their defense we might be able to increase our average with runners in scoring position."

Erin is up to bat again...

Time for a little costume change on the way to 1st base...

Dad gives John a little advice about how to best reach 3rd from 2nd.

Jenna's turn at the plate...

Michael prepares to tear the cover off the ball again.

Here it comes...

And the tee goes down while the ball remains in place - nice trick, Michael!

It's Juliana's at-bat again...

Jake is congratuated by his mom after reaching 1st.

Photo day for the Roaring Hippos!

Richard and his dad arrive at the team photo shoot.

Richard brought his own camera to photo day!

Richard's photography subjects.

Coach Jamie mugs for Richard's camera.





Erin's evil twin

Erin again.



T.J.'s evil twin





The Roaring Hippopotamuses

"So, Kendall - got any plans for after the photo shoot?"

First game!  The Roaring Hippos battle the Batmen Princesses for supremacy on the diamond...

Austin shows off his muscles to Kendall and Erin.

Michael and Matthew give comfort to the opposing team.

Hayden and Austin visit with Max and Michael before the game.

John is ready to play!

Coach Jamie helps Jenna with her ponytail.

Erin climbs the fence.

Jenna is ready to play!

Michael and John prepare to catch a ground ball.

John and T.J. share a pre-game hug.

The Batmen Princesses look like a formidible opponent!

But the Roaring Hippos look even tougher!

Time for a pre-game cheer.

The brutal offensive line-up presented by the Roaring Hippos.

Hayden engages in some trash talking with the author of this website.

John gets ready for his at-bat.

John gets a hit and runs to first base.

John gets some advice from dad/first base coach.

Kendall prepares for her turn at the plate.

Jacob prepares to take a swing.

John chews his glove while playing third base.

Kendall walks off the field for her turn to hit.

Richard is ready to catch the ball.

Erin gets some help with her uniform from her personal equipment manager.

Hayden has a turn at hitting.

Hayden and Richard discuss the finer points of baserunning.

John charges the ball from third.

After catching the grounder, John throws the ball to first base.

Max walks across the infield.

Erin does a little dance while playing the infield.

Max and Kendall listen to some advice from Kendall's dad.

John's mom helps Erin and John perfect the "croccodile technique" to catch the ball.

Kendall and John wait for their turn at the plate.

Jenna's turn at the plate.

She gets a hit, tosses her helmet, and runs to first.

John yells at the outfielders to back up.

Now he's ready to hit one out of the park.

This one might not even reach the warning track.

But a hit is a hit, so take your base!

Coach Wyatt helps Jacob line up his hit.

Jacob runs to first after getting a hit.

Kendall takes a turn at bat.

This one may clear the fence.

Richard tries out his bunting skills.

Max waits for his turn at the plate.

He's ready to take a mighty cut.


Max rips off the helmet on his way to first.

Now it's Erin's turn at bat...

T.J. picks flowers for his mom.

Erin stands on first after getting a hit.

T.J. is still collecting flowers.

Jacob runs to first after getting a hit.

Hayden digs in for the run to first.

Michael and Jacob play keep-away with each other while fielding Hayden's hit.

Hayden and Richard play in the dirt while John chews his glove.

The Roaring Hippos celebrate after their game against the Batmen Princesses.

The Roaring Hippos and the Batmen Princesses celebrate together after the game.

Snack time - thanks to Jacob's mom!


Third practice of the Roaring Hippos...

John steps into the batter's box while Erin takes her base.

Max's dad helps Max and John with batting practice.

John takes a cut...

...and digs in for the run to first.


"Hi Erin!"

"Hi John!"

John gets to second base with Erin.

Coach Jamie expresses her enthusiasm for three-year-old T-ball.

Jenna prepares to swing at the ball.

Nice follow-through!

Jacob gets some special coaching from mom.

Michael looks for interesting things in his batting helmet.

Runnin' around the bases!

Kendall takes a swing at the ball.

John (and John) work the infield.

Jacob takes a mighty swing.

Kendall runs to first.

John awaits his turn at-bat.

John shows determination as he tries to make contact with the ball.

A successful hit means its time to run to first!

Jenna takes another turn at batting practice.

John's turn again.

John and Jenna circle the bases.

John receives some advice from first base coach mom.

Jacob takes a cut at the ball.

Jenna's dad asks John where he plans on running from third base.

Jacob's turn again...

Jacob runs down the baseline towards first.

John runs home to score.

T.J. shares his water with John during a break on a warm and humid afternoon.

Jacob, Kendall, John and Max goof off around home plate.

John covers the infield.

Coach Jamie helps Kendall with her grip on the bat.

It must have worked, because Kendall gets a hit and runs to first base!

Michael shows off his tremendous backswing.


Time to run to first!

John scoops up a grounder.

Jenna and John charge a ground ball.

Some over-enthusiastic parents have to be kept in a cage.

Jacob sratches out a design in the infield.

John takes another try at B.P.

Runnin' to first.

One second later John planted his bottom squarely on top of first base.

Erin stands in at the plate.

Erin wanders down to first after getting a hit.

John tries to steal third.

John and Kendall work together playing first.

Time for team-building after practice!

Got my new team hat!

Snack time!


Second practice of the Roaring Hippos...

John checks out first base.

Coach Jamie works with Kendall, Michael and Max, while Hudson ambles over for some instruction.

Time for another team meeting!

John runs around second base.

T.J. heads for home.

Hudson rounds third, closely followed by John.

John heads for home again.

Coach Wyatt leads Juliana around third.

Jenna runs between 2nd and 3rd.

Erin chases Coach Jamie around 2nd base.

Erin, John, Kendall and T.J. run the bases.

Bats hung out of reach of naughty t-ballers.

Time for more team building!

Jacob demonstrates an unusual way of wearing his glove.

John is excited to see mom arrive at practice.

Now - back to playing catch!

Ready to throw...

Tryin' to catch.

Erin's mom and John's mom enjoy the antics.

Michael gets some encouragement from Coach Jamie.

I spy Hayden playing for a rival team!

Tastes like horsehide.

More base running!

Erin goes down in a cloud of dust!

Coach Jamie checks out the damage.

She must be feeling better!

T.J. rounds third base and heads for home.

Jacob rounds third, heading for home.

Here comes Hudson, not far behind!

John races towards home plate.

Erin chases John towards home.

Max follows Erin around the bases.

Kendall runs around third base.

Coach Wyatt and Richard discuss base-running strategy.

Coach Wyatt attends to another injury.

John heads for third...

Instead of sliding into third...

John leaps into the third base coach's arms.

I think someone enjoys having his dad coach third base!

John's dad provides some base-running instructions.

John heads for home at the next hit.

Erin and Richard await their turn at bat.

Max takes a cut at the ball.

Kendall prepares for her at-bat.

Erin awaits her turn to bat.

Erin's mom checks out the earlier injury.

Kendall is at third base while John plays infield.

Jacob finds yet another new way to utilize the equipment.

Michael and Erin demonstrate avant-garde ways to wear the batting helmet.

Celebrating the completing of another successful practice.

Where are the snacks?

The juice-box impaired boy gets some help quenching his thirst.

Snack time after practice.

John shares snack time with Max.

The Roaring Hippopotamuses have their first practice!

John runs around the playground before practice.

Erin slides down the kid dispenser.

John slides down the kid dispenser.

Max slides down the kid dispenser.

Max's dad, Max, John and Michael walk over to the baseball field.

John, Michael, Erin and Jacob head towards practice.

Michael shows off his new baseball uniform.

Jacob and John tease Erin through the fence.

Max and John work with Coach John (Max's dad).

John, Jacob and Max practice t-ball.

Kendall plays catch.

Time for a team meeting!

Erin's mommy memorializes the first t-ball practice.

Coach Wyatt talks to his team.

Hudson listens intently to Coach Wyatt.

Kendall is ready to play catch again.

Kendal and Erin figure out who's going to throw first.

Look at me coach, I'm ready to play, today.

The Roaring Hippopotamuses line up.

Running the bases to learn their names...

John and Richard run towards home plate.

Jacob makes the turn around third, heading for home.

Jenna is close behind Jacob.

Kendall, Erin and John round third again.

Coach Wyatt and Jacob run around the bases.

Coach Jamie gets fragged by her team!

Time for more learning.

John and Jacob display new ways to wear your mitt.

Richard's dad photographs practice.

Richard bats from the right side.

He gets a hit and runs for first base!

Jacob gets ready for his at-bat.

He gets a hit and runs to first.

Coach Wyatt works on throwing and catching with Kendall, Max, Jenna and John.

Erin gets a hit and runs towards first.

The helmet begins a slow slide towards the rear.

John shows good form throwing the baseball.

John, Kendall and Kendall's mom enjoy practice.

Michael prepares for his turn at-bat.

John waits on-deck.

Jacob gets another turn at-bat.

Kendall and Max watch B.P.

Jenna takes her turn at the plate.

She hits the ball after her unique 360-degree swing...

...and runs to first base.

Richard runs from third base to home plate.

John lines up his swing...

Safely on first base.

Coach Jamie works with Max on his form.

Max gets a hit.

Kendall prepares to take her cut.

John takes in the advice from the third-base coach, Jenna's dad.

Richard runs to first base.

Jenna runs to first base.

Time for another round of instruction.

Moms watch the fun.

Max and his dad go over base-running strategy at first base.

T.J. steps into the batter's box.

Nice form!

The tee is down and the ball is gone.

Jacob, Coach Wyatt and John field grounders during batting practice.

Erin tees it up for Kendall.

Erin is still having trouble keeping the hat on top of her head.

Richard stomps on home plate.

John steps into the box once more.

Print this picture on a baseball card!

I think someone has been practicing t-ball before today!

Tee is down, ball is gone - someone got a hit!

Running to first.

Gotta toss the helmet with flair...

...and he does!

John answers the age-old question: "What's under first base?"

Erin runs in from third.

Jacob, Erin and T.J. excavate the pitching rubber.

Max takes a cut at the ball.

Max and his dad after Max's successful hit.

Julianna takes her base after getting a hit!

"So - whattya doin' after practice?"

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