j o h n  w e s l e y ' s  4 t h  y e a r

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Enjoying a pre-Thanksgiving snack at Grandma Pat's.

Slurping up the cranberry ice!

Mastering Word for Mac.

More snacks with Grandma Pat!

Hanging out with mommy.

Grandma Pat and daddy. (photo by John)

Daddy (Photo by John)

Grandma Karin (photo by John)

Goofing off with the camera.

School photos

Monday night at Jump Planet and a Red Robin birthday party!

John is ready to tackle Jump Planet!

Abby and Michael chase John towards the slide.

Here's what happens when a triple-wide tries to fit in a single-wide space.

Andrea helps John up into the big slide.

Michael climbs up the ladder to the big slide.

John and Abby prepare to tobaggan down the slide with Andrea.

Max and John climb on a dinosaur.

John follows Max out of the tunnel.

Brandy, Hayden, Michael, Abby and John are at Red Robin to help Michael's daddy celebrate his birthday.

Hayden and his new cast get friendly with Michael.

Looks like someone won't be needing orthodontia anytime soon.

The birthday boy enjoys his party.

The matching shirt boys.

Birthday party!

Michael plays the role of cookie monster.

Veteran's Day at the Museum of Flight

P-51D Mustang flies through the Museum of Flight.

P-40D Warhawk prepares to take a bite out of the museum.

F-4U Corsair with wings folded up.

John poses before the P-51D

John goes for a balloon ride.

John enters the great gallery of aircraft.

Flying the F/A-18

Learning how planes fly.

Someone loves to see the Blue Angels!

Enjoying an in-flight movie.

Vectoring traffic on final approach.

Checking out the air traffic control screen in the control tower.

Walking over the new bridge between the museum and the Airpark.

The Concorde at the Airpark.

John in front of the "President's Plane".

Exploring Air Force One.

Concorde front landing gear.

Climbing up to the Concorde.

Splashing in the puddles underneath the Concorde.



Showin' off Jack 'O Lantern!

A pumpkin pizza party with Grandma Pat and Grandma Karin before going to the Halloween Party at John's school.

Becky, director of John's school, checks him in to the party.

Matthew demands entry to the party!

Parents and kids enter the chaos

Matthew and Austin head for the fun while Hayden gets his face painted.

Andrea snaps a photo of Isabella.

The Green Dragon finds his princess.

Pat out of costume...

Pat in costume.

Grandma Pat helps John and Erin decorate cup cakes.

Michael, Matthew and Pat decorate cupcakes.

John eats his creation.

We're working on our sugar high!

John's teacher, Miss Wendy, helps John with putt-putt golf

Hayden and Michael play through.

Mummy bowling!

John picks up the spare!

Erin waits for her chance to mummy bowl.

Jack 'O Lantern bean bag toss!

John finds the princess section!

Mathieu ends up wearing Hayden's mask.

Princess Kendall and John

Grandma Karin helps gather the loot.

Batman (Jude) arrives at the party!

John fishes for treats with Miss Miranda

Grandma Pat and mom help John get ready for trick or treating!

Tony and Mary Beth come calling for treats.

Buzz Lightyear and the Green Dragon are ready to go pillage the neighborhood candy.

Grandma Karin's "little old lady" costume.

A little old lady, a green dragon, and a witch go trick or treating.

Cindy takes a picture of the green dragon.

The green dragon finds a red dragon (Max!)

Trick or treating at Tom and Sherill's

Sorting out the loot with mommy.

California and Disneyland!

Hangin' out with my buddy Gavin in Los Angeles

Gavin the Pirate

Ridin' the train at Travel Town!

Checkin' out the other side of the tracks.

Waving to the passing train.

Playin' on a choo choo.

Climbing on a train with Gavin.

Walking off into the Southern California sunset.

Photo op!

Watchin' more trains.

Playin' "Lego Basketball" in Gavin's room.

The Happiest Place on Earth!

Hey - this guy looks familiar!

Mickey Mouse leads a parade down Main Street.

John and Gavin ride the carousel.

Ridin' the carousel.

Gavin and his mommy ride Dumbo

Waitin' in line to ride the Mad Tea Cups.

Fun on the Mad Tea Cups!

Hangin' out with Pooh at his place.

Playin' with Aiden and Gavin.

Enjoying some quality time with Aiden.

I like little brothers!

All worn out on the flight home.

Click here to watch a video of John and Gavin riding the Mad Tea Cups!

Picking out pumpkins

John and dad are ready to go pick out pumpkins!

Dad finds a huge pumpkin!

Camoflauged in the pumpkin patch

Mt. Baker and pumpkins

Grandma Karin and mom help find pumpkins.

Mom and John

Grandma Karin, John and mom at The Farm in Snohomish.

Waitin' in line for the tractor ride

Tractor ride!

Aerial view

Enjoying the tractor ride with dad

Grandma Karin, dad and John enjoying the hayride around The Farm

Exiting the wagon




Nice gourd!

John and mom are having fun at The Farm!

Another Monday night at Jump Planet

John bounces off the walls.

Richard mugs for the camera.

John goofs off on top of the giant snail.

John and Riley play in Dino Lake.

Richard, John, Hayden, Jude and Riley pose on the sofa.

Dog pile on Jude!

Hayden is king of the mountain.

John slides again!

Taking the Train to Trek

Grandma, John and Mom are ready to take the train from Tacoma to Northwest Trek in Eatonville!

John waits for the train to leave the station.

Someone is excited about this trip!

Tour guides provide information along the way.

Momma goofs off for the camera.

John entertains Grandma Karin.

Heading towards Eatonville.

John pretends to sound the train's whistle.

Tacoma Rail employees parked their vehicles across seldom-used railroad crossings to warn cars of our approach.

John enjoys his in-flight meal.

A lynx rests in the shade of the Northwest Trek wildlife park.

A cougar paces before us.

Bobcats rest in the shade.

Wolves talking to each other.

A grizzly bear sleeps with his rear leg pointing up a tree.

Another sleeping grizzly bear.

Here lies a sleeping black bear, hugging a log.

Moose as viewed from the tram ride.

A huge bison lounges alongside the road.

Another moose watches us go by.

Mountain goat unperturbed by our passage.

Mountain billy goat hanging out in the shade.

A big horned sheep leads the way

Mom and John watch the animals around us.

Baby big horned sheep.

White-tailed deer buck two feet from our tram.

Another bull bison blocks the road.

Bull elk bugles for us as we drive through his harem.

Big horned sheep rams hanging out on a beautiful fall day.

John watches the beaver and river otter swim.

The river otter says "hello".

Now he's back swimming in his pool.

The porcupine tries to jump out of his enclosure.

The racoon checks out his territory.

I think someone had a fun day at Northwest Trek!

Celebrating Grandma Karin's birthday with a cruise on Lake Washington

Waiting to board the M/V Kirkland, strangely enough in Kirkland.

Three of the 14 people aboard this afternoon's cruise on Lake Washington.

Watching Kirkland pass by the windows of the boat.

Beautiful sailing ship docked at Carrilon Point.

Preparing to sail under the Eastern high-rise of the Evergreeen Point Floating Bridge.

Bill Gates' house.

The Gates Estate takes up the entire frame of this photo. It is well-hidden behind trees and shrubs.

High rise apartment buildings at Madison Park.

Under the Western high-rise of the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge.

Kayaking the Lake Washington Ship Canal and Lake Union

Getting ready to put in at the 14th Street Boat Launch in Ballard.

Paddling down the Ship Canal through Fremont.

The Fremont and Aurora Bridges frame our route.

Kayaking around Jetty Island

A group of kayaks paddle by our lunch spot on the beach.

John and mom walk along the sandy beach on Jetty Island.

John and Kathleen pose in front of our boats and the Cascade Mtns.

A kite boarder tears up Puget Sound off Jetty Island.

Lunch, with Whidbey Island and the Olympic Mtns. in the background.

More kite boarders.

Time to put the sand toys back in the boat so we can complete our circumnavigation of Jetty Island.

Mom's company picnic on Vashon Island

Riding the ferry Klahowya to mom's company picnic on Vashon Island.

Heading west towards Vashon.

As usual, John has something to say.

Watching the scenery go by through the ferry window.

A sea lion watches us pass by.

Looking back towards Lincoln Park.

John and mom goofing off on the ferry.

Look who's first aboard for the tractor ride!

Dad and John get ready to tour the Anderson Farm by hay ride.

Sprout the Clown tries to engage John.

John plays with Sprout and the other kids.

Time for sack races!

John watches the older kids race first.

Now it's time for the younger kids to race. Sprout helps John with his burlap sack.

And they're off!

Looks like a tie for first place!

Time to watch some magic tricks.

Our monkey climbs the ladder.

My first bicycle!

Takin' the new bicycle out for it's first spin!

It's a 'Trek', just like mom and dad's!

I'm pretty good at riding this thing!

Obey the speed limits, John!

Playin' in the backyard...

Dad finally finished my new swing set!

I love riding the horse!

I think Jerry likes it, too.

Thanks Dad - I love it!

Swim lessons!

Got my Lightning McQueen towel - now I'm ready for swim lessons!

In the pool with Miss Angela, my swim teacher.

Swimming across the width of the pool unassisted...

Stop to take a breath...

And it's back towards the edge of the pool.

A great job swimming across the pool warrants a high-five from Ms. Angela.

Now it's time to backstroke back across the pool.

I made it!

John takes a flying leap into the pool.

He jumps so high he's outta sight!

Splash down!

Now it's time to jump off the diving board.

Looks like another flying leap!


Surf's up!

Head first!

He went down deep this time!

He's still down there!

He's coming up!

There he is!

Time for another jump...

Now it's playtime with Big Bird!

Another Everett Aquasox game with Mom and Dad...

Time for another Everett Aquasox game, this time against the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes.

John demonstrates how to drink a big soda without spilling.

The Aquasox warm up while the grounds crew prepares the field.

Mom and John are ready to play ball!

Edgar Martinez throws out the first pitch.

Everett Aquasox games with family and friends...

John has a clear view of the action from the good seats at an Everett Aquasox baseball game with mom, dad, Grandma Janet and Grandpa Claude.

A full moon rises behind right field.

Mom and John are ready for Sunday's Aquasox game.

Fueling up before the game.

Michael and John goof off together while Jude enjoys his lunch.

Time for the National Anthem.

John shows off Erin's sunglasses.

Hayden makes faces for the camera.

Monster car races across the infield.

Jude and his dad return from the concession stand.

Matthew is on the prowl for food.

Celebrating after a home run.

The grass is always greener...

Trike races around the infield!

They have bad dancers at Aquasox games, too.

The last pitch of the game...

The last hit of the game...

...And the celebration after a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 9th inning wins it for the Aquasox!

Now the kids run around the bases after the game.

The stadium viewed from second base.

The Kid's Country gang after the game.

Mom gets John's ball autographed by Fleming Baez, one of the Aquasox's catchers.

Concert with Grandma Karin in Kirkland's Marina Park.

Hangin' out with mom at Kirkland's Marina Park.

Seattle viewed from the beach at Marina Park.

M/V Kirkland moored in Kirkland - imagine that!

Snacking before the show.

Grandma Karin joins the festivities!

Enjoying his lemonade on a hot summer evening.

Guess who just learned how to do sommersaults?

"Handful of Luvin'" performs a free show at Marina Park. They were pretty good!

Once the music got going, so did the three-year old.

Making friends wherever he goes.

Goofin' off with dad.

An almost full-moon rises over Kirkland's waterfront.

My new swing set!

John Wesley was here.

It's not complete, but the slide is done!



Seafair weekend and the Blue Angels.

The Blue Angels are in town for Seafair weekend!

Here technicians work on one of the F/A-18s before a practice session on Friday.

The flightline at Boeing Field.

John enjoys waiting for them to take off at the Museum of Flight.

Mom helps John with a pre-flight hot dog.

B-47 in front of the Museum of Flight.

DC-4 at the Musuem of Flight.

John finds the high ground from which to watch the spectacle.

The Blue Angel's support plane, a C-130, prepares to take off in advance of the Blue Angels.

"Fat Albert" heads up into the skies over Seattle.

A P-51 and A-10 fly over Boeing Field.

The Blue Angels line up on the runway, preparing to take off.

John has a front-row balcony seat.

They activate their smoke systems in unison on the runway.

The first four Blue Angels roar down the runway.

The final two aircraft prepare to take-off.

All six planes are now in the air.

"Fat Albert" comes back to Boeing Field after a demonstration flight over Lake Washington.

Saturday morning finds us on Lake Washington, waiting to watch the air show overhead.

John is once again in his favorite seat.

Seafar celebrates summer in Seattle!

The Yonder Mountain String Band and Keller Williams come to the Amphitheater at Marymoor Park in Redmond.

I'm excited to see live music again!

Is everyone else still at Horning's?

Waiting for Yonder and Keller to start - but where are the fans?

Yonder takes the stage before a late-arriving crowd.

Dancing around with a mouth full of food.

Hey - look - I found a new friend to play with!

John and Gage dance around the amphitheater.

Keller Williams joins Yonder for a couple of songs.

Danny Barnes sits in with the band for the rest of their set.

A bald eagle flies by, harassed by a crow.

John waves his freak flag while Keller Williams performs.

Gage wants to get in on the flag-waving action.

We sat next to a sight-impaired fan with her beautiful service dog.

Dad takes John up front to hear Yonder and Keller.

Comin' back from the mosh pit.

The boys settle down to enjoy an evening of live music.


Kayaking around Jetty Island on a hot summer day.

Bald Eagles along Jetty Island

John paddles up the Snohomish River.

Kathleen paddles in front of Mt. Baker.

An Osprey and her chick enjoy the beautiful day.

A blimp flies over Mukilteo.

The west side of Jetty Island.

Beach party on Jetty Island.

A little boy plays in the sand.

Dad waves 'hi' from the cool waters of Puget Sound.

Dad and John wade into the sea.

Dad pretends to eat sea lettuce.

I ain't eatin' that stuff!

Fun in the sun on a 93 degree day.

The big beautiful beach on Jetty Island.

Watching the Everett Aquasox with mom and dad

A happy boy at the ballpark.

These Boise players have an interesting way of wearing their gloves!

Mt. Pilchuck behind the scoreboard.

Everett Memorial Stadium

Goofing off with mommy.

Watchin' the game with dad.

Playing tourist in our home town

Checking out the view from the top of the Space Needle.

Looking west towards Elliott Bay and Puget Sound.

Cruise ships at dock on a Sunday morning.

Mommy shows me the sights.

I see a helicopter, a giant Ichiro, and our car!

Downtown Seattle

Lake Union

We were way up there!

Kayaking through the locks - from Ballard to Golden Gardens and back

Watching tugs help a giant trawler leave her berth in Salmon Bay.

Heading towards the locks.

Along the way we spot a familiar vessel.

What's the name of this boat again?

Where is this boat from?

The rudder post is missing a rudder - I don't think this boat will be leaving the dock anytime soon.

I think she's been painted since the last time she drug crab pots over her starboard side.

Resuming course towards the locks.

Snack break at Golden Gardens Park.

Enjoying a fun day at sea!

Fun at the Everett Aquasox FanFest

Walking into the stadium for the Everett Aquasox's FanFest.

Meeting the two mascots - Webbly and Frank the Hot Dog.

Testing the arm out at the pitching game.

Top speed on the fastball was 15 mph.

Into the slide.

Out of the slide.

Gettin' ready to take some BP on the field.

Checking out the dugout.

Stepping into the batter's box.

Taking some cuts off the tee.

Dad gives it a try.

Mom steps up to the plate.

Swing and a miss?

Birthday dinner with Grandma Janet and exploring the locks and playing in the backyard

All dressed up and ready to go out to dinner with Grandma Janet to help celebrate her birthday!

Watching the boats go by Ray's Boathouse.

Hey - I was on that boat once!

Dinner with Grandma Janet and Grandpa Claude.

Walking on top of the gate to the large lock at the Ballard Locks.

Snowmelt causes huge flow through the dam separating Lake Washington from Puget Sound.

Boats heading out to Puget Sound pull into the small locks.

Going down?

Canada Geese fly overhead.

Leaving the locks. The sailboat is now in Puget Sound.

Boats heading into Lake Washington approach the locks from Puget Sound.

Going up?

John and mom watch the action.

Now the gates are open into Lake Washington, releasing the boats into the fresh water.

"Watch out for salmon on the stairs"? Oh - "This way to the fish ladder"!

Playin' in the dirt in the backyard.

Keeping watch over the boy.

Goofing off in the tub

Playin' with bubbles in the tub.

Kayaking along the Lake Washington Ship Canal

Why is the Ballard Bridge sounding it's horn?

Oh - that's why!

Watching the Ballard Bridge open for a sailboat.

Looking for celebrity boats along Salmon Bay. Here we find the Northwestern, star of "Deadliest Catch".

How the Coastal Ranger became the Coast Angel.

Hey - we found another celebrity boat!

We were amazed at how small these Bering Sea crab boats are close-up and in-person.

The Seattle Fire Boat "Alki", on our way back to the boat launch.

Taking the train to Grandma Pat's for a day of fun at Birch Bay

Waiting for the train at the Edmonds train station.

Enjoying the train ride to Bellingham.

Playing with the toys at Grandma Pat's house.

Dumping the water out of Grandma Pat's swimming pool.

Swimming with mommy.

Dive! Dive! Dive!

The submarine resurfaces closer to the target.

Walking from the swimming pool to the beach.

Dad and John play on the rapidly-covering flats of Birch Bay.

Looking at shells with Grandma Pat.

Mt. Baker looms in the background.

Dad and John look for crabs under the rocks.

John throws rocks into the bay.

Looking for more crabs.


School pictures!

For once we won the school picture lottery!

All those years of photos of an upset baby and little boy...

That little boy isn't so little anymore.

Luckily class picture day was also pajama party day!

Enjoying our favorite pastime...

Sittin' on the glove sculpture in front of Safeco Field, gettin' ready to see the Mariners play the Oakland A's.

Watching batting practice with dad.

I must be in the front row!

Got my pizza!

Eating my pizza!

Watching the game with mom.

Walking around the stadium.

Helping Dad celebrate his birthday

Playin' with my new marble game.

5 1/2 inches of snow on April 18th.

A little boy wakes up on Saturday morning, April 19, 2008, to 6 1/2 inches of snow.

Grandma Pat came over and helped John make a snowman on the back deck.

Giggling with Grandma Pat.

Goofing off with dad and mom.

Helping dad celebrate his birthday dinner at Ray's Boathouse.

Grandpa Claude and Grandma Janet joined our celebrations.

Mommy and Grandma Karin are all pretty for the celebration.

Kayaking on an 80 degree April day

The view of the passenger from Dad's seat in the kayak.

Watching a seaplane land at the Kenmore Air Harbor.

Touchdown on Lake Washington.

Enjoying a beautiful spring day on Lake Washington.

Momma in her boat.

The boys in their boat.

Enjoying life on a boat.

Runnin around at Logan Park.

Playin' catch with dad at Logan Park.

Stuck in the spider's web with Dad at Logan Park.

Dinner party with Olivia and Cole.

The oldest child sets a good example for the younger children.

Pedaling my trike for the first time

I finally figured out how to pedal my trike!

I got tired of watching mom and dad pedal their bikes.

I decided I was going to figure out how to pedal my trike all on my own.

This pedaling thing is pretty cool!

You just have to watch out where you're going!

Easter with Grandma Karin at Grandma Pat's

Engaging in some preliminary art before the Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma Pat's community club in Birch Bay Village

Getting ready for the mad dash to the eggs!

And he's off!

Grandma Pat directs traffic.

Showing off the haul.

Grandmas help sort the loot.

Thanking the organizer for the event.

Leaving the clubhouse with the grandmas.

Experimenting with black jelly beans.

There's an anti-social boy in the buggy.

Mom enjoys a break from riding at Birch Bay State Park.

There is still a crabby and sleepy boy in the trailer.

Snow-capped peaks of Vancouver Island.

Point Roberts is the far piece of land.

Canadian mountains in the distance.

Dyeing Easter eggs.

Looking at the pictures on my camera.

Playin' Candyland with Grandma Karin.

The Easter Bunny brought me a big chicken and lots of jelly beans!

Searching around Grandma Pat's house looking for jelly beans left by the Easter Bunny.

Eating Easter Eggs with mommy.

Gettin' ready for a bike ride!

Gettin' artsy on a Friday afternoon

Preparing yet another masterpiece.

Showing off an absence of diapers.

Using the unconventional "two-brushes" technique.

Visiting the Lynnwood Fire Station with friends from daycare.

Jacob and John play before touring the Lynnwood Fire Station.

Max, Hayden, John and TJ goof off waiting for the tour to begin.

Meet Max. He's a calm, cool and collected kid.

Meet Max's mommy, Jaime. She could take some lessons on how to behave on tours of fire stations from Max.

John, Max and TJ check out Jude's toy fire truck.

Not a toy fire truck.

Max, John and Hayden watch the fire truck arrive at the station.

Walking into the garage to look at the fire trucks.

When you absolutely, positively want to violate someone's civil rights.

Firefighters talk to the kids about fire safety and to not be afraid of firefighters if they ever have to come to the rescue of the kids.

Firefighters try to desensitize the children to a firefigher in his protective gear.

Hayden emerges from the side of the ambulance.

Austin checks out the ambulance.

TJ after checking out the ambulance

Jude after walking through the ambulance.

Jacob gets a hand exiting the ambulance.

John gets a lift out of the ambulance.

TJ exits the medic unit.

Richard gets a helping hand.

Allie gets a helping hand back down to the ground.

Now we're going to walk through the pumper truck!

John, TJ and Allie check out the inside of the pumper truck.

Parading through the pumper truck.

Kelsie gets a hand out of the medic unit.

Bringing out the pumper truck for a group photo shoot.

Hayden drives the fire truck.

Austin is ready to roll to the fire.

Jude is ready to go to the fire.

Hayden takes a hand off the wheel to show he's cool with driving the fire truck.

Now it's John's turn to drive the fire truck.

John is pretty happy to drive the fire truck as well!

Allie drives the fire truck too.

A closer look at the bug on the windshield of the pumper truck.

Max's family poses in front of the fire truck.

While we were exploring Engine 15, Engine 14 came to the station for a visit.

Then Engine 15 had to go out on a call.

The firefighters rushed to their truck.

They turned on their lights and sirens and sped away to assist with a car accident a couple of blocks away.

A trip to the zoo with Grandma Pat!

Grandma Pat, mom and John get ready to explore the zoo!

Here is the first wild animal we spy inside the zoo.

The less-glamourous side of a peacock.

Wild African Dogs

A face only a mother could love.

John watches the hippos.

A boy and his tapir.

John mimics the siamangs.

John hangs out with an orangutan.

Barred Owl.

Peregrin Falcon.

Spectacled Owl.

Turkey Vulture - aka "Buzzard".


Sleepy bears



Leaving the zoo after a fun day of watching animals.

Another day of skiing!

Arriving at Stevens Pass for another day of skiing!

Sometimes little legs and feet don't work too well on steep snowy trails.

Ski bummin'.

Mom helps adjust the goggles.

It's important to keep energy levels up while skiing.

Momma bird feeds her baby bird.

All ready to ski more!

Wipe out!

Skiing with daddy.

First time in the new kayak!

Getting ready for the first paddle in the new kayak!

Mom readies her boat at the launch.

John and Dad paddle in the Sammamish Slough.

First time riding the chair lift while skiing!

I'm back at Stevens Pass, and this time I've got a lift ticket!

I'm gonna ski from the top of that mountain!

Getting ready to get on the lift.

Legs up for take-off!

Riding the wires with Mommy.

Goofing off at lunch.

Silly faces from a hungry skier.

3rd Birthday Party

I'm ready for my "Lightning McQueen" 3rd birthday party at the Mountlake Terrace Recreation Center!

Mary Beth and Emma play in the ball pit at my party.

Erin gets ready to jump in.

Marlee and I play in the ball pit.

Gathering up a basket of toys!

Hayden drives the school bus.

Daddy watches us play.

Erin and I are ready to take the plunge together.

Jude's dad piles on.

Allie and I play in the kitchen.

Cole keeps the trains running on time.

Olivia plays in the tree house.

Walkin' the plank on the pirate ship.

Let the sugar consumption begin!

Michael blows his own horn.

Now it's my turn to toot my horn.

Singing 'Happy Birthday' and blowing out candles.

Kendall, Ben and Marlee eat and wear birthday cake.

John models frosting as well.

Hayden clowns for the camera.


Austin helps me with my presents.

Grandpa Claude and John play with a new toy.

A "Lightning McQueen" ice cream birthday cake!

Blowing out more candles!

Time to open more presents!

Grandma Janet got me this cool book!

Mommy and daddy got me my very own kayak paddle!

Working on my technique now!

Grandma Karin got me a Horton Hears a Who pop-up book!

I got a Lightning McQueen towel!

On my actual birthday, we were treated to a snow day!

Dad and I play in the snow on our street.

Snowball fight with dad!

This is a fun way to spend a birthday!

I'm gonna get him this time!

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