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Brushin' my teeth, wearin' my birthday suit cuz it's my 2nd birthday today!

My Choo Choo birthday cake!

Mommy, me and Grandma Pat like my cake!

Grandma Karin got me a basketball hoop...

...and a t-ball set!

Now I'm ready to break some serious windows!

Getting ready for my first basket...

...he shoots and he scores!

Me, Max and Ben play at my birthday party.

Racin' with Max through the kitchen.

Openin' more presents.

Olivia, Cole and Tom observe the festivities.

Grandma Janet got me a Mariners lunch box!

Ben helps me open my presents.

Olivia and Tom.

My first American Express card!

A book that makes noise? What else could a little boy want?

Oh yeah - that's right - a little boy might also want an Elmo shirt!

Giggling at the "monkey in the box".

Getting ready to cut the cake.

Mmm... birthday cake!

This is the first batch from my 2 year photos.

Is this another way of spelling "consequences"?

I'm two!

Checkin' out the gorillas at the Woodland Park Zoo.

I can watch monkeys, I can sit on monkeys, and I can be a monkey.

Me and my friend Tristan pretending to be bears at the zoo.

I like to ride lions, too.

Another masterpiece.

More official "I'm two years old" photos...

Yep. I'm two.

Whaddya mean its just a prop?!?

The bright shining face I get from my mommy.

My mommy loves me, and I love my mommy.

Helpin' mom decorate Valentine's Day cookies.

Here are the cookies momma made.

Here is the cookie John Wesley made.

My Elmo towel.

Hangin' out at Logan Park with mom, Andra, Chris and Ben.

Drivin' the truck at the park.

Ben wanders around the park.

I'm goin' snowshoeing and sledding with mom and dad.

Momma goofs off with the camera in the truck.

Daddy drives us to the mountains.

Momma rides in the truck.

The view along the trail.

Sledding with dad.

Playin' in the snow with mom and dad.

All worn out on the drive home.

It's almost March and it's snowing!!!

Little boy boot prints in the snow.

Who are you going to throw that snowball at?

Oh - at mommy!

The deck the next morning - even more snow!

Layin' low to hide from the shark at the Seattle Aquarium.

Waving 'hi' to the choo choo passing by at the Edmonds Beach Park.

Hangin' out at the beach.

Throwin' rocks into Puget Sound.

"I ride the tree!"

Sabrina and Jack welcome John to the family reunion at Grandma Pat's.

John, Evan and Jack play at Grandma Pat's.


Jack and John.

The whole gang watches a movie.

John & Ellie hang out together.

Uncle Doug goofs off with Jack and John.

Performing the role of "Uncle Doug" at this afternoon's performance of "Family Reunion" is John Wesley.

Bellied up to the table at Grandma Pat's.

The toddler table at Grandma Karin's.

Chowin' down.

Strawberry faced Sabrina.

Petulant Ellie.

A streaker runs past Grandma Janet and mom!

Ellie runs on green grass - kind of hard to do in Anchorage in March!

Super John.

Sabrina has the finest manners.

Throwin' the ball around the backyard.


A future sports trading card?

John and Sabrina sitting in a tree - c - o - u - s - i - n - i - n - g.

The cousins explore the Museum of Flight.

Flyin' with Evan at the museum.

Loungin' around the yard.

Playin at home.

John and his friends from the Lynnwood play group investigate the back of the Lynnwood Fire Department medic unit.

John watches the firefighter put on his equipment.

Drivin' the fire truck!

I don't think this is where you're supposed to ride.

The Fire Chief pays a visit to his station.

The pumper truck returns from a call.

Playin' at the Everett Children's Museum.

Makin' the train go "choo choo".

Watchin' choo choos.

Playin' choo choo.

Squirtin' the wind chimes.

Playin' with boats.

Tryin' to squirt daddy!

If only this water cannon would aim just a little bit further to the right...

Mommy and me at the Children's Museum.

Mom and Dad took me to Snoqualmie Falls in the middle of a flood!

The spray made us all wet!

Then Mommy and Daddy took me to the Choo Choo Museum in Snoqualmie.

"I drive the choo choo."

"Bye bye choo choo."

How does dad do this?

Swingin' at Logan Park.

Climbin' at Logan Park.

Slidin' at Logan Park.

Clownin' at Logan Park.

Drivin' at Logan Park.

Spinnin' a web at Logan Park.

Waiting for a kid's concert to begin at McCaw Hall.

Teacher Linda helps me learn how to swim.

Hangin' on the edge.

Decorating cup cakes at an Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma Pat's in Birch Bay.

More decorating...

Can I eat it now?

Lookin' for Easter Eggs.

I think I see some!

Here's one right here next to this rock!

Grandma Karin helps me look for Easter Eggs.

There's one over there!

Grandma Pat helps me look for Easter Eggs.

Grandma Karin takes me to the beach at Grandma Pat's.

Look at all the mud!

Coloring Easter Eggs with Grandma Karin.

Grandma Pat helps me color eggs.

This is fun!

Playin' at Marlee's birthday party at the Little Gym.

Erin is my pal.

We've known each other since we were both newborns.

Showin' off my tummy.

Playin' at the gym.

Just hangin' around.

I like cake and ice cream!

Gettin' ready for a swimmin' lesson.

Floatin' around the pool.

Taking a breather.

Jumpin' in.

Helping dad celebrate his birthday.

Claude and Grandma Janet came to dad's birthday party.

Mom and dad.

Grandma Pat and Grandma Karin came to the party, too.

Dad gets ready to blow out the candle while mom and I watch.

Gettin' ready to ride to go watch the boat parade at Opening Day of boating season.

Daddy and I are ready to watch boats!

Mommy and I are ready to watch boats!

A fireboat leads the parade.

The fireboat shoots water on a little Coast Guard boat.

I wonder why they didn't squirt this big Coast Guard boat?

All the boats squirt water!

University of Washington cheerleaders on a boat.

The UW band was split among three boats...

This is the 'Blue Peter', owned by the CEO of mommy's old company.

We saw big power boats.

I had fun watching the boats with mommy and daddy.

'There's another big boat over there!"

There were big sailboats, too.

After riding back to the park, we played on the playground.

Walkin' across the bridge.

Safely across the bridge!

The little monkey climbin' the monkey bars.

Havin' fun at the park.

Drawing in the sand.

The happy swinger.

More swingin' with John Wesley.

Carpet of cherry blossoms on the front lawn.

Ridin' a little boy-sized red motorcycle.

Too bad John's first motorcycle ride had to be on a Harley :(

Paddlin' the Sea of Grass.

"Max, the paddle goes on the OUTSIDE of the boat."

"Heidi, your hair goes on the INSIDE of the boat."

"Man - this captain thing is hard work!"

We're going on a harbor cruise to celebrate Mother's Day!

Mom and I look for big ships.

On our cruise we saw ferry boats...

...fire boats...

...big fishing boats...

...a Coast Guard ice breaker...

...Starbuck's headquarters framed by container cranes...

...giant cruise ships taking on fuel and passengers...

...little cruise ships...


...an Alaska State Ferry in drydock...

...and even sea lions sleeping on a mooring buoy.

I think this one wants to get back to his nap.

A sea lion wearily watches us from the safety of his habitat.

"Daddy - there's a big ship right over there!"

The boat in the foreground is the "Royal Argosy". The ship in the background is the "Norweigan Pearl", ready to sail to Alaska.

The Seattle skyline from Elliott Bay.

Watching the waves slide by...

A sailboat passes in front of Alki Point.

Dad and I watch the scenery go by.

The bosun's mate keeps watch.

Ferrys passing across Puget Sound.

A fast boat flies past us.

The lighthouse at West Point.

A fishing boat tied up to the dock at Shilshole Marina.

Ray's Boathouse restaurant - a Seattle institution.

Having fun with my mommy on Mother's Day.

Preparing to enter the locks and the Lake Washington Ship Canal.

Pulling into the locks.

An only slightly interested seagull watches our passage through the locks.

In the lock, ready to be lifted up to the fresh water ahead.

Fishing boats in Ballard. The "Wizard" is one of the boats featured on the TV show "Deadliest Catch".

More of Seattle's fishing fleet tied up at Fisherman's Terminal.

A Kenmore Air seaplane flies overhead.

Salmon Bay and the Ballard Bridge.

A boat in a boat. (For a sense of scale, the boat in the boat is approximately 40' long.)

More fishing boats moored at Fisherman's Terminal.

Seattle's first fireboat, the "Alki", moored at Fisherman's Terminal.

Heading east down the Fremont Cut, approaching the Fremont Bridge and the Aurora Bridge.

Another Kenmore Air seaplane prepares to land on Lake Union.

Approaching downtown Seattle on Lake Union, the end of our cruise.

Spending a rainy Sunday afternoon playin' with Choo Choo.

Bizarre flying machine spotted over our neighborhood.

Playin' with squirt bottles on a 90 degree day.

John and Max do what little boys do - combine dirt and water to make mud.

Hey - what happens if we fill this bucket up with water and then dump it over?

Tony shoots back.

Brandon picks on Tony by squirting him in the back.

Max squirts Tony in the back. Like father, like son.

Max tries to squirt the photographer.

John tries to get daddy.

John squirts Brandon - good job John!

Brian and Laura squirt Brandon. Paybacks are hell!

Sneaking up on a couple of unsuspecting victims.

Tony and Brian enjoy a sunny May day.

Checkin' out the peacock at the Kangaroo Farm.

Where are the kangaroos at the Kangaroo Farm?

Leapin' lemurs, Batman!

"Mom - come sit right here!"

Watching the lemurs.

Lemurs are right there!

I like lemurs!

Petting a baby kangaroo.

More baby kangaroos.

Pettin' another baby kangaroo.

Hello Mr. Goat!

Hello Mr. Llama!

Playin' in the pool on a hot spring day.

Helpin' dad mow the lawn.

Wait for me!

It's our synchronized mowing team!

Parking my car in my "garage".

Ridin' my "Grandma Karin" trike at Grandma Karin's.

Hangin' out at Grandma Karin's.

Mom and dad took me to see Bruce Hornsby and Ricky Scaggs at the Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery.

A B-24 flew overhead.

Bruce Hornsby and Ricky Scaggs.

I ride Dad's new motorcycle!

"The old motorcycle went to a new home. The new motorcycle stays here."

John Wesley, 6/27/2006

Playin' with daddy in front of the Everett Events Center. We're there to see "Sesame Street Live: Elmo Makes Music".

I've got my Elmo shirt on for the special occasion!

My friends Erin and Marlee came too!

Marlee, Erin and John are ready to go see Elmo!

Somewhere in the picture, my mommy is getting my Elmo balloon!

Nico and I belly up to the buffet at Isabel's birthday party.

Runnin' around the park.

Still runnin'...

Still runnin'...

Ready to take a flying leap.

Bossing people around.

Bubble boy.

Bubble girl.

Monkeying around.

Where's John?

Those shoes look familiar...

Hey - it's John Wesley!

Slidin' on by...

Playin' in Tony and Emma's pool on the 4th of July.

Max finds a new mommy.

John finds a new mommy.

Now the universe is back in order.

Tony shows the colors.

When do we start blowing things up?

Watching the show with Tony.

Why use a punk or a match when you can use a blow torch to light your fireworks?

Enjoying the show.

Kevin and Brian blowing things up. Again, note the use of the blow torch to light the fuses.

Mary Beth anethetizes her eardrums against the cacaphony.

Getting ready for another swim lesson.

Waiting to get in the pool...

Swimmin' across the pool.

I made it!

Hangin' on the edge.

Workin' on the backstroke.

The nice instructors shield my eyes from the sun.

Livin' on the edge.

Climbin' out on my own.

Gettin' ready to dive in - head first!

In I go!

Diving again...

Time to dive off the diving board.

Belly flop!

Tryin' again...

Now that the lesson part is over, it's play time!

Mom, Dad, Grandma Janet and I went to the Museum of Flight to see rocket ships!

Old Soviet capsule.

Actual Apollo-era computer terminals. John prepares for launch.

Apollo command module.

Inside a mock-up of the International Space Station.

Mom and John check out the ISS module.

A replica of one of the Viking Mars landers.

A replica of the Mars Rover.

Apollo lunar module and moon rover.

John always returns to the Aerocar.

F2G Corsair World War II fighter.

3,000 horsepower "Wasp" 28 cylinder radial engine that powers the F2G Corsair.

Ichiro checks out the gallery of planes.

VC-137B (a,k.a. "Air Force One"). This particular aircraft served Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon.

Cockpit of the VC-137B.

Teeing it off in the backyard.

Ichiro practices his hitting stroke.

Goofing off around the house.

Goofing off with mom at another concert at the Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery.

Playin' with dad while listening to great live music.

Tonight we're listening to The Moody Blues.

A nice guy sitting next to us gave John $2 for being such a good boy.

The cork is substituting for another type of cork, more commonly known as a pacifier.

I see mommy!

On cue, the hot air balloons fly behind the stage.

Playin' with Grandma Pat in her neighborhood pool.

We came up to see Grandma Pat to help her celebrate her birthday.

Showing Grandma how I can dive into the pool.

Another perfect belly flop!

Dad chases down the beach ball for me.

Thomas the Tank Engine comes to Seattle!

John and mom wait to board Thomas the Tank Engine.

Someone spots daddy with the camera.

John plays with other kids while waiting to ride Thomas.

Mom and John watch the toy trains.

"I ride choo choo!"

"I ride choo choo with mommy!"

Waiting to pull out of the station in Snoqualmie.

Inside the antique train.

Inside our passenger car.

The Salish Lodge and the top of Snoqualmie Falls.

The Snoqualmie River just below Snoqualmie Falls.

Going by the Salish Lodge and the top of the falls on our way back to the station.

John and dad enjoy the excursion.

Passing another choo choo.

John and mom pose in front of Thomas after our ride.

John and Olivia play on her tire swing.

Runnin' around Olivia & Cole's backyard.

More swingin' with Olivia.

Mind if I take your plate?

John's dinner date with Olivia.

Playin' with Legos at Grandma Pat's. Is it a heliboat, or a boatcopter?

Walkin' on the beach with momma at Grandma Pat's.

MommyDaddy help me jump over the piling!

Family portrait at Birch Bay.

Playin' in the sand.

Throwin' rocks into the bay.

Ridin' mommy.

I win!

Out on Lake Washington with Mom and Dad.

Coast Guard helicopters fly around in preparation for the air show.

Mommy's boat.

Lots of things to see out here!

Lots of law enforcement out here!

The Blue Angels support plane, "Fat Albert".

Party barge.

Classic 1946 Chris-Craft speedboat that was in our area for the afternoon.

Here they come!

Getting all six planes in the same photo the hard way.

Dad and John rowing the raft.

Keepin' hydrated out on the lake.

Playin' at Martha Lake Park.

Playin' frog on the lilly pads.




I did it!

2nd row behind home plate for an Everett Aquasox minor league baseball game.

Looks like we're having fun!

I think he fouled that one back.

Readin' books with Grandma Pat.

Drinking "milk" while playin' choo choo.

The little buoy floats at swimming.

Workin' on the backstroke with instructor Ben.

I've got a new big boy bed!

I like hangin' out in my big new bed!

It's a baseball kind of day.

Readin' books with Grandma Pat.

Squirtin' dad.

Touchin' toes and diving in.

Waitin' my turn to dive off the diving board.

Touchin' toes and ready to dive...

Now the official lesson is over, it's play time!

Playin' at Tom's pig roast.

More playin' at Tom's pig roast.

A man and his pig.

A man, his pig, and his dog.

Playin' on the three-person see-saw.

Carving up the beast.

Tom's family helps him celebrate his pig - I mean birthday.

Brian helps Tom celebrate his pig.

Mom and John watch over the festivities.

Here's the birthday boy happily eating his pig.

Here you can actually see pig in his mouth.

And here you can see his mom and dad's dog eating his pig off his plate.

Olivia gets ready to ride her grandma's horse.

The princess rides around the paddock.

Olivia, a horse, her dad, and her grandma.

Tom's sister Shannon and her nephew Cole.

A good princess knows how to keep the manure off her feet.

Cole takes the horse out for a spin.

John rides his first horse.

Cole, his grandma, and his great-grandma watch the equestrian fun.

Finally someone bigger than John picks on him!

John picks on someone a lot bigger than him!

"Moo Moo Neigh Neigh"

John gives Cole a hug.

"He's got Pooh on his shirt!"

Cole takes John out.

Swingin' at mom's work company picnic on Vashon Island.

Waitin' for a hay ride.

I'll get on the next one.

Momma, I wanna go on a hay ride.

The hay ride is right over there.

Ready for a hay ride behind a tractor!

Hangin' out in the hammock all by myself.

Enjoying a cool drink on a hot summer day.

Hey - you were watching me!

Okay - I'll smile for my daddy.

Watchin' gorillas at the Woodland Park Zoo.

I went to the zoo with my mommy and my Grandma Janet.

Monkey see, monkey do...

Playin' at Jump Planet.

John's friend Tyler gets ready to slide down.

Woo Hoo!

Somebody is having fun!

Still havin' fun...

Ready to slide again!

They had the most fun tackling each other - over and over again.

Woo hoo again!

Chasin' Hayden around Jump Planet.

Now it's time to tackle Hayden!

Climbin' up the climbing law.

We've picked out our pumpkins!

Can we take all of these pumpkins home?

Ridin' a tractor at The Farm in Snohomish.

Takin' a hay ride with mom and dad.

Havin' fun touring The Farm on a wagon pulled by a tractor.

Still enjoying the hay ride...

Someone has found a more comfortable seat on the wagon.

Is this The Great Pumpkin?

Welcome to the Law Offices of John Wesley.

If you've been injured in an accident, you have rights the insurance companies don't want you to know about.

Come on in for your free consultation and get what's coming to you!

John, Tom, Cole, Kathleen, Olivia and Jen watch Western Washington University play Central Washington University at Qwest Field.

Waitin' at the train station for the train to take us to Grandma Pat's.

Still no train...

Is the train coming yet?

Choo choo!

Here it comes!

The choo choo is here!

Ridin' on the choo choo!

The Olympic Mountains across Puget Sound.

Someone is having fun riding the train!

Still havin' fun!

Playin' with mom at the Children's Museum in Bellingham.

Driving the submarine at the Children's Museum.

Look at my submarine, dad!

"Don't tell me we can't go faster - I want full speed ahead now!"

"I'm gonna keel-haul those morons in the engine room!"

"Must be a sea snake."

"The one that got away was this big!"

"I'm doing a puzzle!"

Showin' Grandma Pat the puzzles.

Playin' choo choo with Grandma Pat.

Working the ship's crane with Grandma Pat and momma.

Cooking up a lovely brew for Halloween Punch.

John has a horn on his head!

Now it's on momma!

Readin' at the Children's Museum with Grandma Pat and momma.

Playin' with momma on Grandma Pat's beach.

Mt. Baker across Birch Bay.

Dad helps me did a big hole in the rocks!

Cormorant dries its wings in front of the San Juan Islands.

Carvin' pumpkins with dad.

Carvin' pumpkins with momma.

Our pumpkins all lit up!

Someone got a pumpkin at school!

Someone is proud of his pumpkin!

Someone also got a new wagon!

I think he likes the wagon, too!

Gettin' ready to wear my pirate costume to school.

"But I don't wanna be the pirate!"

Marlee and John, Ms. & Mr. Pirate

Elmo goes out in search of treats on Halloween.

"I think there are treats over here..."

"I wonder if there are treats in Sherrill's house.."

"Score - candy!"

"Where should I go next?"

John and Elise have a lunch date at school.

We're driving around the Mountain Loop Highway.

Here's a bridge washed out by the Sauk River floods.

Kathleen and John and the Sauk River.

Typical stretch of the Mountain Loop "Highway".

Sauk River

Mom lends a hand across the cobbles.

Looking dowsstream/north.

John makes a lovely face for the camera.

Much more serious.

Dad stumbles under the heavy load.

Snow-dusted cirque along the way.

Today Dad and Grandma Pat took me to the Everett Children's Museum.

They have choo choos to watch...

...and choo choos to play with.

They have a gravity exhibit, where you roll balls down tracks to see how far they can go.

Mine went all the way around the track!

When does this plane take off?

Playin' in the water room.

Grandma Pat captures all the action.

Climbin' the sand castle.

Back for more choo choo.

Someone gets excited when the choo choo passes by.

Exploring the farm section of the museum.

Ridin' a tractor.

Crossing the bridge to the treehouse.

Grandma Pat follows across the bridge.

Playin' in the building block room.

Buildin' stuff. Knockin' it down. It's what I do.

Playin' with Grandma Pat.

Gettin' ready to eat Thankgiving Dinner at Grandma Pat's house!

I like cranberry ice!

Grandma Pat serves dinner.

Let the feast begin!

I think the tryptophan is kicking in.

Playin' with Grandma's choo choo.

Readin' with Grandma Pat.

Havin' fun readin' with Grandma Pat.

Going for a walk at Semiahmoo.

Mt. Baker from Semiahmoo Spit.

Kathleen enjoys the cool and clear day.

The valet parking here leaves something to be desired!

Where is that darned attendant?

Dad, John and Grandma Pat walking along the spit.

John and Hayden play at the Everett Children's Museum.

First we need to figure out how to wear these hats...

Dad and John play at the museum.

John pilots a plane!

First Officer Hayden comes to "help".

Hayden and John play choo choo at the museum.

John's dad helps Hayden drive the tractor.

Now John's dad helps John drive the tractor.

All ready to go play in the snow.

Dad carries me on a snowshoe trip.

Momma came to play in the snow, too!

We're spending a day at Stevens Pass, snowshoeing and skiing. Here John and mom walk to the ski area from the parking lot.

Still snowshoeing.

Okay - now we've got skis on and we're ready to tear up the slopes!

Away he goes!

Time for another run down the hill...

You can't learn how to ski if you don't fall down.

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