j o h n  w e s l e y ' s  3 r d   y e a r

Giggle swing.

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Me and mom get ready for my 1st birthday party!

Mom got me this great cake!

Walkin' around with Grandma Karin.

My friend Olivia helps me with my loot!

Olivia's daddy Tom holds little brother Cole.

Chasin' the alligator.

My neighbor and friend Max (and his mom and dad - Laura and Brandon) help me celebrate. Max is four days older than me.

Grandma Janet plays with one of my new toys.

Olivia, her mommy Jen, and Moira watch me open my presents.

My buddy Max comes to check out my new toys.

Surfin' on the presents.

Daddy helps me open my new train set.

Max and his parents observe the mayhem.

Mom and dad got me this great new trike!

Hey hot stuff - check out my cool new ride!

1st birthdays are fun!

Gettin' ready to wear - I mean eat - my cake.

Hmm...I'm not quite sure how I should eat this...

The frosting is yummy!

I think this is a good look for me.

I like birthday cake!

It's not very often that I see eye to eye with mommy!

I can't decide which new toy to play with first.

Mom snowshoes ahead of me and dad.

Dad carries me on our hike.

Hangin' out at our lunch break.

Mom and I play in the gathering blizzard.

I think it's pretty funny that dad has lost his legs!

Do I have to share my cake with the bear?

Gettin' ready for the Super Bowl!

At least I'm bigger than the ball!

This cake doesn't taste as good as the one I ate at my party.

The J.C. Penny photography studio could stand to repaint their props!

I'm darn cute!

Gettin' ready to watch the Super Bowl at our neighbor's (Tom and Sherrill).

Making new friends.

Max and his mommy were at the party!

I like having a buddy in the neighborhood.

I like Super Bowl parties! I don't remember last year's party very well. I was only a week old.

As usual, I'm the life of the party.

This is me playing with my neighbor Sherrill.

I think she likes me!

This is Sherrill with her husband Tom.

Mom and dad took me hiking along the Stillaguamish River.

Dad takes me...

...and mom...

...to the coolest places. Today he took us to a mountain covered in frozen waterfalls!

Rubber ducky...

...you're the one...

...you make bath time...

...so much fun!

Mom and dad took me to play at the school playground next door to my street.

They have fun things to play on at the school.

I like playing at the school!

Can you hear me now?

Momma saves me!

Momma loves me!

Daddy loves me, too!

My cousin Jack plays on the trampoline at Grandma Karin's.

Cousin Ellie and I play together.

Cousin Sabrina joins in.

Auntie Linda oversees the mayhem.

Momma gives me love.

Sabrina and Ellie take charge.

My youngest cousin, Evan.

Grandma Pat.

Ellie gets a "cold juice headache".

Marilyn, Evan and Linda.

All worn out after a tough day of playing with the cousins!

Today Grandma Pat came over to play with me.

We went next door to the school playground.

I climbed around with mom and dad while grandma watched us play.

Call me "Monkey Boy".

Jerry and I are ready for St. Patrick's Day.

Check out my cool new scar!

Mom and dad take me on another bike ride!

Along the way we stopped off at Matthews Beach Park for some "out of the trailer time".

Mom pushes me on the little guy swing.

How come these ducks aren't made out of rubber like the other ones?

The next weekend, dad and I went for a ride on the Centennial Trail from Arlington to Snohomish.

Dad sure takes a long time to get ready!

We stopped off for lunch at Lake Cassidy.

This is the park at Lake Cassidy where we stopped for lunch.

Heading back to the truck after a fun day of riding with dad.


Playin' with momma at Logan Park.

Drivin' the truck around the park.

I like slides!

Grandma Janet plays with me at Bothell Landing Park.

Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

Mom tries to console me before my first haircut.

I loved every minute of it.

Vic at the Bellevue Barber Shop always strives to keep his customers happy.

After getting my haircut, I went on a bike ride with mom, dad and our friend Kris. Here we enjoy lunch along the way.

Hanging out with my friends!

Another successful bike ride under my belt.

Playing in my backyard.

I think I look pretty good with my new haircut.

I like playing at Blythe Park in Bothell.

Sometimes bad pictures are good pictures.

I'm gonna slide down this thing...

...ta da!

Our friends Molly, Oscar Xavier and Issac came to visit.

I had fun chasing Xavier and Issac around my yard.

Oscar appears to have some experience playing goalie.

Xavier and Issac burn off energy.

Molly adds another boy to her collection.

I captured a wild beast!

This is the expression on my face when I see...

...bears at my very first visit to the zoo!

I also saw an elephant...

...and a lion...

...and it was Mother's Day, so I did it with my mommy and two of my grandmas. I love my mommy and my grandmas!

Clowning around at home.

Sometimes you just have to get into the toy box to find exactly what you're looking for.

Ketchup on corn on the cob...

...is for discriminating palates only!

This is what happens when you put the ketchup on the boy instead of in the boy.


Peak - a - boo!

Hiding again...

...and making faces...

...I'm so silly!

Grandma Pat went to Greece and all I got was this lovely t-shirt!

Perusing my library.

Max and I play with his truck.

Is this the part where my friend dumps me?

Calvin (my swim instructor) and I goof off at my first swim lesson (thanks for the swim lessons, Grandma Karin!)

Mom makes me wear a sun hat...

...we'll see how long that stays on top of MY head!

Hey - I thought I got rid of the hat!

Ha! That stupid hat will never find me up here!

Playin' in the grass at Blythe Park with my friend Antonio.

Walkin' around Logan Park.

Cutest kid ever.

Drivin' the boat/truck thing-a-ma-bob.

Finally I get to steer!

Momma keeps an eye on me.

Hi momma!

Hi daddy!

Hey - who is that guy in my rear view mirror?

Slidin' with dad.

This weird thing is fun!

I'm a happy boy!

Helpin' put the groceries away.

Grandma Pat rocks me to sleep.

Playin' with dad at mom's company picnic.

Digging up the beach at Vasa Park on Lake Sammamish.

Dad and I prepare for the neighorhood fireworks display on the 4th of July.

Mom and dad went out kayaking.

Mom paddles back to the beach.

...while Grandma Karin and Grandma Pat play with me in Grandma Pat's swimming pool.

I like swimming!

While visiting Grandma Pat, I learned how to...

...open doors!

Splish splash!

Dad goofs off with the underwater camera.

After playing in the pool, Grandma Pat took me to the beach at Birch Bay.

Then she dressed me up in clothes she bought for me in Jackson, Wyoming.

Playin' again.

Walkin' the plank.

I went to see Bruce Hornsby (again!) at the Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville.

I went with mom, dad and Grandma Karin.

I like his music. It's fun to dance to!

I really am a happy little boy!

We went to a party at the home of one of daddy's co-workers. She has kayaks too, and she let me play in one of hers.

My 18 month photos are in!

I like choo choos!

Happy boy.

I still like choo choos!

I like baseball, too.

Flirtin' with the camera.

Swingin' at Marymoor Park.

Smilin' at Marymoor Park.

Momma keeps an eye on me.

I know I'm not the oldest creature in this picture - and momma may not be the oldest, either.

Today we're at the Marymoor Park Amphitheater to see The String Cheese Incident.

Mommy came, too.

Daddy came with us!

We watched this band play.

There was lots to see at the concert.

There were people hula hooping.

I like going to concerts with my mom and dad!

I love my mommy :)

Mom and I danced together.

The concert was so much fun that I decided to come back the next night!

Thing 1 and Thing 2 were there.

As well as this guy with a parrot on his head. I think he should have been at the Jimmy Buffet concert instead.

And of course, more hula hoopers.

I went to a park on Mercer Island. At first I didn't know why we went all the way to Mercer Island just to see a playground.

Yeah mom, we have grass at home, too.

Then dad and I looked up into the sky.

We saw airplanes flying around!

And Blue Angels, too!

They were loud!

But they were fun to watch!

I had fun hanging out on the Mercer Island floating bridge watching Blue Angels!

The next day Grandma Karin took me to a park where I could fly my own airplane!

She took me swinging, too.

Then the next day mom and dad took me to another concert!

Here I try to give mommy a kiss.

This is our friend Kris. Her boyfriend plays in a swing jazz band.

Here she is being a groupie while her boyfriend has his sax solo.

After the concert, we went to the Ballard Locks and watched the boat parade leaving Seafair.

Dad shows me the salmon in the fish ladder at the locks.

I don't think Elmo ever sleeps.

Fillin' my swimmin' pool.

Washin' the deck.

Gettin' a drink.

Waterin' the lawn.

The fountain squirted me in the face :(

Yeah! Momma plays with me in the fountains!

If I step on this, I can make it stop squirtin'!

I can drink it, too!

This is a fun park!

Helpin' water the roses.

Watchin' another concert with mom.

Mom and dad took me out for another bike ride. Here I'm playing on the swings at a park along the way.

They always find the best playgrounds for me!

When we got back home I decided to read a magazine.

Never mind that the magazine is upside down.

Today mom and dad took me hiking to Wallace Falls.

Today I learned that falling CAN be deadly, but apparently it isn't always necessarily so.

Momma catches up to the boys.

The main section of Wallace Falls.

Hanging out with mom at the middle falls. This was a nice place to take a break as it was a hot day.

The falls were pretty and nice and cool!

Some people were swimming here, but it was too cold for me!

Just another day at the rocky beach.

Mom and dad took me to see the Mariners play the Red Sox.

I got to see my favorite player - Ichiro!

I had fun hanging out at the game!

Max and I hang out on a sunny evening.

We like goofing off together!

I'm all ready to go to our neighborhood firestation's open house!

Momma shows me fire trucks!

I got a cool hat!

Ready to go out on a call!

What does this button do?

Is it time to go rescue a kitty stuck in a tree?

Let's go for a ride!

We watched a fire fighter put on all his gear.

On the way home from the fire station we had to stop at the playground at the school next door.

Today we went for a bike ride. Here I play on the playground at Seward Park in Seattle.

Dad and I play on the pirate ship at Seward Park.

My feet fell off the foot rest :(

Dad puts me on a really long slide!

Slidin' down on my own!

There was a nice view of the city from Seward Park.

Momma gives me a snack.

This was the last weekend the city closed down Lake Washington Blvd. so that bicyclists and others can use the road. It was fun!

Hangin' out with momma while on our ride.

The view from the bench.

Mom at the trailhead before we climb up to meet the Pacific Crest Trail for our hike to Lake Valhalla.

Dad and I are ready to go!

Mom reaches the boundary of the Henry M. Jackson Wilderness Area.

Okay - now which way do we go?

Daddy must have picked the right way, because below us is Lake Valhalla!

Me and mommy on the shores of Lake Valhalla.

Mt. Lichtenberg rises behind Lake Valhalla, Kathleen and John.

John plays on the beach.

Lichtenberg Mtn.

Looking down on Lake Valhalla on our way back to the trailhead.

This huge mushroom (4" across!) was along the side of the trail.

Observing the petting zoo.

I like spaghetti.

Uh oh - I sense a disturbance in the force...

Mom shows me my first ocean!

I'm exploring Pacific Beach. You can see our tent on the far left.

This is one big sand box! I hope the kitty doesn't discover this place - he'd ruin it!

This stuff is fun to play in!

I'm rich! I found a (sand) dollar!

Rythm on the beach.

A room with a view.

Birds flying south for the winter.

Pacific Beach as dusk approaches.

John soaks it all in.

Oh no! I'm sucked into the sand/driftwood vortex!

Dad and I play on the logs.

The first light of sunrise catches the spray from the breakers.

Exploring the ocean.

My first steps into the water.

Mom will keep me safe.

Dad, on the other hand...

What happened to my foot?

I like the ocean!

The little town of Pacific Beach, just behind the state park.

The beach at Kalaloch

I'm taking my first ferry ride!

This is fun!

Dad's Aunt Judy (my great-aunt) and Grandma Karin visit with...

...me, mommy, Dad's Aunt Bobbie (my great-aunt), and Grandma Pat.

Apparently I'm part of the tour!

My great-aunt Bobbie takes my photo.

Hangin' out with dad.

My dad and mom.

Me and Grandma Pat.

My family.

I'm in Alaska, hanging out with cousin Evan!

Mom lets me wander around the grizzly bear exhibit. Mom, are you sure that's a good idea?

Hey - there's a bear down there!

I don't know. It kind of looks like a Snufflelufagus, but then again it doesn't look like a Snuffleufagus...

Auntie Linda and Evan photograph the animals.

I'm not going to go down there and pet the bear. YOU can go down there and pet the bear, but I'll stay here and watch.

Cousin Sabrina treed in her own backyard.

Evan, John, Sabrina and Ellie play in the backyard.

Clowning around with Evan.

Playin' in Alaska.

Uncle Bruce took us to see airplanes at Elmendorf Air Force Base.

Then I got to fly my own plane!

Hey - one of my cousins just cut me off!

Hangin' around with Ellie.

Help! I'm drowning in big foam blocks!

All the cousins.

Kayaking at the Portage Glacier Interpretative Center.

Cousins pose for a photo.

Flyin' home.

It must be Halloween time!

Mom took me to a big Halloween Party!

Dad and I look for our pumpkins at The Farm in Snohomish.

I can't decide which ones I want.

Dad - what about these over here?

Yeah! We found pumpkins!

Momma and I pose for a photo.

There was a petting zoo at The Farm.

Here I'm looking at the miniature cow. He sure looks a lot like my cat!

Why can't we take this one home for our Jack 'O Lantern?

I think this one would look good in our front yard.

This is what happens when I get too close to dad, the hair gel, and a hair dryer.

Mom saddles me up for a day at the zoo!

We saw antelopes...


...sleepy lions...


...monkeys... (this monkey looks a little like me!)


...and another monkey - that also looks suspiciously like me...

...at least this one is a cute little monkey...

This monkey knows how to ride elephants!

Here I am trick or treating at my neighbor Sherrill's house.

She dressed up as a kitty cat. I meowed at her.

The Eeyore costume fits better this year than last year!

Dad kind of dressed up, too.

Here I am in my Halloween costume I wore to school. The boys dressed as frogs and the girls dressed as princesses.

Me and dad again.

These are our pumpkins.

The jack 'o lanterns are cool!

Playin' at the Everett Children's Museum.

Choo choos!

I like choo choos!

Did I mention I like choo choos?

I like Thomas, too.

It's my first night in my big boy bed - no more crib for me!

Too bad I fell out in the middle of the night. At least I didn't wake up!

My friends Cole and Olivia came to visit. Here Grandma Karin reads us a story.

Playin' with Cole.

Olivia is silly!

Mom and dad took me to the Museum of Flight!

Look at all the planes!

It's a little overwhelming!

I saw the cockpit of a 737.

Where's John?

F-4 Phantom II


Underside of the SR-71 Blackbird.

Here's my F-18.

I'm flying a F-18!

Dad and I fly a SR-71!

I'm an astronaut!

I'm an old-time aviator!

Dad teaches me about yaw, pitch and roll.

Dad, tell me more about yaw, pitch and roll!

Momma takes me for a ballon ride!

I can see real airplanes from the kids-sized pretend control tower!

I can see even more real airplanes from the adult-sized play control tower!

G-V takes off over the museum's Harrier Jump Jet, F-86, and B-47 (front to back).

Momma in space!

John Wesley in space!

We walked across the street to see the Concorde.

Me and momma enjoy the rain and the airplanes.

The best part of the museum is that it's part of Boeing Field. Here a 747 takes off over our heads!

The cockpit of the Concorde.

This is the first 707 "Air Force One".

Under the Concorde wing.

The 737 prototype.

The 747 prototype.

Under the nose of the 747.

I think this plane is hungry.

This is a fun museum!

F-4 Corsair

It's a car AND it's a plane! Is it a beep bah, or a bah beep?

John on final approach!

I can wear big people shoes!

Playin' with momma.

Today dad and mom took me to the mountains to play in the snow!

It was 3 feet deep!

Momma makes a snow angel!

It was a pretty day in the forest!

Dad and I have a snack.

Cozy as can be!

Daddy fell down in the snow!

Dad teaches me you can eat snow.


Hello John Wesley!

The boys play in the snow.

Doin' art with momma on the living room floor.

Sometimes art gets on your cheek.

Goofin' off with momma at Grandma Pat's for Thanksgiving.

Enjoying the Thanksgiving weekend with Grandma Pat.

Grandma Pat reads me a story.

I love my Grandma Pat, and my Grandma Pat loves me.

I love my momma, too.

Grandma Pat makes yummy apple sauce!

I'm told I'm cute.

Helpin' dad put out the Christmas decorations.

I'm all excited because it's snowing outside!

Playin' in the snow with dad.

Playin' in the snow with Max.

Waitin' in line with mom and dad to see Santa!

Still waitin' in line with mom and dad to see Santa...

Still waitin' in line with mom and dad to see Santa... (but I'm being a very good boy because Santa is only 20 feet away!)

Santa! As you can see, I'm simply overwhelmed by the experience.

We're going to look for our Christmas tree!

Mommy and me, lookin' for a tree...

I'm the cutest ornament!

How about this tree?

I think it meets with John's approval!

Takin' our tree home.

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