j o h n  w e s l e y ' s  1 s t  y e a r


At 10:26 PM on January 28, 2005, Doug and Kathleen welcomed John Wesley into their lives.  Here is his story...

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Age 5 minutes

Looks like he's about 8 lbs. 12 oz.

Dr. Lankerovich with another satisfied customer.

Kathleen and baby as they are wheeled out of the operating room.

Grandma Karin bonds with John.

Grandma Janet bonds with John.

Baby's first meal.

Proud papa.

The men of the family.

Mom and baby get some well deserved rest.

Baby and Momma the morning after.

Our new little boy!

Grandma Pat meets John for the first time.

J.W. and K.H.Q.

John Wesley.

Father and son.

Grandma Pat and Baby John.

Baby John.

John and Doug.

All ready to go home from the hospital!

Mom and son in John's room.

Kathleen and John spending some quality time together the first night at home.

John is ready to go for a ride.

Looks like Dr. Lankerovich is a charter member of John's fan club.

Mom feeds John after he has his little boy procedure.

Dad and John.

Got milk? If not, you're of no use to me.

Grandma Janet puts John to sleep.

Don't believe the scowl - he really does enjoy his car seat!

Hanging out on a Sunday morning.

John and Doug watch John's first Super Bowl.

What an attentive football fan!

Kathleen, Jerry and John enjoying a raucous Super Bowl party.

John's proud mama.

Sometimes he's noisy!

Okay - many times he's noisy!

But sometimes he's peaceful...

And always he's our perfect little boy!

In the car seat and NOT scowling - a first for JW!

Dad's first attempt at posed photography.

Phblftt to dad and his attempt to pose me for photos!

Playing on our Winnie the Pooh activity mat...

Hi everyone!

Look at my new fleece hat!

I'm gonna kill my dad for putting this photo on the Internet!

Mom gives me a bath. By the way, I'm 4 weeks old today!!!!

Today Mom and Dad and Grandma Karin took me to Mt. Rainier for my first visit to a very special place.

Mom and Grandma made sure I had lots of energy for my hike by feeding me before we left the parking lot.

Mom and Grandma talk to Mom and Dad's friend Chris, who is a Ranger at Mt. Rainier.

Mom and me at Mt. Rainier.

Dad, Mom and me at Mt. Rainier.

Grandma gives me some lunch after our big day of hiking. I was so exhausted I had to sleep through the whole hike!

All worn out on Mom and Dad's bed.

I like hanging out with my mommy!

Even a one-month-old can get a stiff neck!

I think I need some help for my drinking problem.

Here I am with Grandma Karin and Mom at Mt. Bachelor, near Bend, Oregon. We all went to Sunriver for a long weekend of skiing, shopping, and eating.

The mountain in the background is South Sister. Mom and Dad say that they've climbed to the top of that mountain before. Maybe someday they'll take me up there!

Hanging around with mom at Mt. Bachelor.

Grandma Karin, mom and me at Mt. Bachelor.

Grandma Karin, mom and me at the 'Mirror Pond' on the Deschutes River in downtown Bend.

Dad feeds me in the Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood. We stopped here on our way home from Sunriver where we spent a long weekend.

Mom, me and Grandma Karin in front of the fireplace at Timberline Lodge.

Dad's spying on us from the third floor!

Here I'm pretending to be cranky with Grandma Pat.

Here I am happy to be held by Grandma Pat.

Snoozin with dad.

Snoozin solo.

Today I learned how to suck my thumb!

I'm so happy that dad taught me how to pacify myself!!!

Meeting cousin Sabrina for the first time.

It's true - I do love my mommy!

My first introduction to Aunt Linda.

Grandma Janet squeezes in some JW time.

Grandma Pat holds me while I nap.

Dad soothes me.

Hanging out with my Aunt Linda and Cousin Ellie.

My cousin Ellie really loves me.

Aunt Linda gives me a snack.

I'm eight weeks old today!

Down for the count.

I'm a swingin' boy!

Damn I'm cute!

I'm ready for my close-up now.

Here's what I think of daddy taking all these pictures.

Freshly bathed. Now I smell as good as I look.

Playin' with momma.

I love my mommy!

Too bad my mommy doesn't love me :(

What did daddy do to the color?

Thanks for putting a shirt on me!

Tiptoe through the tulips - with a little help from Grandma Karin.

Gee - these things are taller than me!

A sunny Saturday in the back yard.

Check out my Mariners shirt - I think I look pretty cool. Momma thinks I look pretty cute. I think Momma is pretty cute, too ;)

Taking my Sunday nap.

My world sure is colorful!

Hey - I see you there!

My future's so bright, I've gotta wear shades!

Flyin' first class on my way home to Seattle from Anchorage.

Hangin' out in the backyard.

Playin' with dad on dad's birthday.

I like outside!

Mommy and me.

Me, my mommy, and my kitty.

All worn out from playin' outside.

Hangin' out in my swing and I'm 12 weeks old.

John is ready for his first day at day care. Mom (not pictured) is not so ready to go back to work after maternity leave.

Mom and me at my first Mariner's game.

I saw my first Mariners game from a Luxury Suite!

Dad and I hanging out in our luxury suite at Safeco Field.

Playin' on my Winnie the Pooh activity mat...


Who's the cute guy in the mirror?

Getting ready to do the American Lung Association Asthma Walk with dad.

Enjoying a beautiful day outside with mom and dad.

Entertaining Grandma Pat on Mother's Day.

My mommy seems to be enjoying her first ever Mother's Day.

You guys are a riot!

All worn out.

I need yet another nap. This Mother's Day thing wears a kid out!

Mom took me to the professional photographer.

Guess daddy isn't good enough with the camera.

But you know I'm still cute.

I've got you

under my thumb.

Oh I crack myself up.

I don't know how I could be any cuter.

This place is pretty comfy.

My life is hard.

Chillin' out in my crib - er - "Pack 'N Play".

John plays on the blanket with his friend Kyle. Kyle's mom Shannon is helping John with the sitting up thing.

This blanket is trippin' me out!

Daddy and me at the park.

Me and my buddy Owen.

Catchin' some rays.

Owen and I are checkin' out the hot chicks at the park.

Kyle hangs out with us little kids at his birthday party.

Mommy and me.

I'm a big boy now!

Check out my cool Elmo shades!

Getting ready to hike to Lake 22...

Daddy carried me all the way to the lake!

Riding high in the backpack.

Mom's got me safe back at the trail head.

Oh no - the arches fell down!

Thanks dad for putting them back up!

I took Grandma Janet out for a birthday dinner at Cutter's.

I had a good time.

I really liked looking out over the bay and watching the ferries and ships sail by.

Hanging out in the hammock.

Mom helps me sit up. Later I'll teach her how to spit up.

Apparently once again dad isn't a good enough photographer.

I do admit I'm a difficult subject.

These pictures were taken at my school.

I hated every minute of it.

Dad feeds me my first 'solid' food.

Some of it ends up in my mouth...

...some of it doesn't!

Goofing off in the backyard.

Lounging around on the 4th of July.

Momma finds me irresistable.

Looking at my kitty.

Getting ready to go to our neighborhood's 4th of July party.

My neighbor Hannah says 'hi' to me.

I think she thinks I'm cute.

Sittin' in my high chair ready for my dinner.

I think it tastes good.

Maybe I like it, maybe I don't.

Playin' at Grandma Karin's while we celebrate Grandma Pat's birthday.

This toy is kinda fun!

Who put the brakes on this thing?

Daddy and I help Grandma Pat celebrate.

My present to Grandma is me!

Mommy & me at Green Lake.

My stylish wheels for a walk around the lake.

All this walking makes me tired.

My friend Ben (and his mom, Andra) came over for a visit. I'm twice as old as Ben.

Ben and his mommy.

I can't decide which one tastes better - my left foot...

...or my right foot. Hmmm.

Hard to beat the old standby though - fingers!

That's a funny one, dad!

Today we went to a concert at the Woodland Park Zoo.

There are cute little monkeys at the zoo.

There was a blimp flying over the zoo.

Bruce Hornsby played songs that I liked.

Momma provides a nice chair in the shade.

This guy sounds sorta like the guy I sometimes hear in mom and dad's cars.

He played this squeeze box thing without sunglasses...

...and he played with sunglasses.

We had a fun time at a concert at the zoo!

I'm on a plane to Denver on our way to daddy's cousin's wedding.

I made a new friend. Her name is Amelie.

I thought I'd show off by doing some push-ups.

Girls really dig a guy with big muscles.

Momma takes me for a swim in the hotel pool.

I'm the life of the party at the rehearsal dinner.

Here Mom and I are talking to daddy's Aunt Judy

Daddy feeds me yummy peas at the rehearsal dinner.

I think it's almost time for me to wear the next larger size diaper.

Grandma Pat reads me the book she just bought me.

We're riding on a double-decker bus to the wedding. Behind me and mom is dad's Uncle Kirk and Aunt Judy.

I made lots of new friends at the wedding.

I danced with my mommy.

And then I got tired and needed a nap.

It was a long day of fun and adventure.

I even slept through congratulating the bride and groom!

I'm getting good at crawling backwards - and getting stuck under the coffee table!

Playin' in my swimming pool on a hot August day.

All dried off and cuddling with mom.

Dad always makes me laugh!

Amazing how they do all the pedaling and I'm the one that needs a nap...

Me and dad after a bike ride to the Redhook Brewery.

Mom pulls me along the Centennial Trail between Lake Stevens and Arlington.

Hanging out with Grandma Karin.

This lady bug tastes like chicken.

Grandma Karin has carpeted floors - time to crawl!

Rachael tempts me into crawling.

Stuck under furniture again!

Me and dad at a Mariner's game.

Me and mom at Safeco Field.

Getting ready to watch a baseball game.

All worn out.

Check me out - I'm testing my new big boy car seat. It's supposed to work for me until I'm 60 pounds. I can't imagine I'll ever be 60 pounds!

Now that I can stand up I can figure out how to break out of this crib.

I'm a happy boy!

Green beans make me sleepy.

I fell asleep eating again.

Playing with my mommy.

I've got a bear a**!

As you already know, I'm a big fan of rainbow trout.

Momma took me to our neighborhood park - yeah momma!

Mom, dad, their friend Karen and her dog Odin took me hiking to the top of Rattlesnake Ledge.

This is me and Odin.

My dad gives me some out of the backpack time at the top of the trail.

Mom and I play in the community swimming pool.

Posing for daddy.

I can drink from my sippy cup!

Playin' in my new exersaucer.

I love to stand up and practice walking.

Look at me in a big person's chair!

You can't start them too early.

Okay - some things can start too early.

Mom, Grandma Karin and Grandma Janet took me to the pool again!

I like swimming.

Lounging around the pool.

We all know how much I like to eat fish!

I hope this dolphin is tuna-safe!

Kathleen and John at the Western Washington University/Central Washington University football game at Qwest Field.

Playin' at the neighborhood school playground.

I've been framed!

Swingin' with dad.

My life is hard.

Swingin' with mom.

Slidin' with mom.

Me and my mommy.

Mommy thinks she's Rapunzel!

Sliding with dad.

What is it with these people and their slides?

Everyone always has to slide with me.

Object is larger than it appears.

Imagine that - a monkey on the monkey bars!

Slidin' with Grandma Pat at a playground near her house in Birch Bay.

Mommy and me and the San Juan Islands in the background.

Sittin' on the mom by the bay...

And if it's not the slide, then it's the swing. These people are so predictable!

Here's what I think of the paparazzi following me around all the time.

Take that you obnoxious photographer!

Staring contest with Grandma Pat.

Gigglefest at dinner.

Let the hilarity continue!

Look at all the neat toys they keep in here!

Grandma Karin bought me my first car!

Trying on my Halloween costume.

This Halloween thing just might be kind of fun!

Hanging out with Grandma Janet.

Helping dad carve the Jack 'O Lantern.

Me, mommy and the finished product.

Getting ready to go out trick or treating on my first Halloween!

Checking out my loot. Too bad mom and dad won't let me have any of this stuff. It looks pretty yummy.

Get me out of here!

Mom and Grandma Pat took me to the community pool.

I found my favorite toy at the pool!

Grandma Pat plays with me in the pool.

Momma plays with me in the pool.

Mom took me to the photography studio again.

There they always make me smile.

Mom and dad aren't the only members of my family good at putting their foot in their mouth.

Maybe I want to be a plumber when I grow up...

Rub a dub dub, John's in the tub.

I'm squeaky clean!

It's snack time!

Dad carries me up Tiger Mountain.

Me at the top of Tiger Mountain.

Here I am at the summit post.

We were up above the clouds. Dad says those are the tops of the Olympics in the distance. Whatever, dad.

Me and my mom and dad on my first Thanksgiving.

I'm very thankful for my mommy.

I'm thankful for my Grandma, too.

The Thanksgiving turkey is done.

I'm thankful that my Grandma Pat and Grandma Karin love to play with me after dinner.

They make me smile.

My momma is thankful for me.

I'm thankful that my daddy loves to play with me.

Hangin' out with my buddy Jerry.

Are you done taking pictures yet?

I'm trying out the new "Lee Press-On Food".

Lounging around after my bath.

We're out looking for a Christmas tree.

Goofing off with mommy.

Do you know what having so much fun leads to?

All worn out.

Okay so it's not Alaska, but it is snowfall on December 1st...

Momma introduces me to my first snow at our house.

She also introduces me to our herd...

Here's one idea for our Christmas card...

Or maybe this will be our Christmas card...

Dad sure goes crazy with all these lights!

A less-than-perfect introduction to Santa Claus.

Hangin' out with Mr. C.

My first 'official' Santa photo.

Family portrait.

Momma and me at my first Seahawks game. They beat the 49ers, but I only remember the 1st half...

Playin' at home after the football game.

My first ride on a carousel, in downtown Seattle.

Mom holds on tight.

This thing is kinda fun!

I'm helping my mommy celebrate her birthday!

I'm being an extra good boy today.

Out celebrating with mommy.

I like parties with my family.

Grandma Janet and Claude came along, too.

Daddy came along, too.

Grandma Pat entertains me with flatware.

I'm going snowshoeing with mom and dad.

We walked along the Snoqualmie River, just below where it begins.

Looking up into the fog.

Momma plays with me in the snow.

If they leave me here, at least I still have my Thermos!

Dad and I are having fun!

More of the view along the way.

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